Podcast: Ruined Songs, Lost Money And Other Realities of a Breakup
How I Dealt With It Episode 7
How I Dealt With It Episode 7(Photo: Aroop Mishra/The Quint)

Podcast: Ruined Songs, Lost Money And Other Realities of a Breakup

“My ex ruined my favourite song,” says my friend. It’s not like he plagiarised it. Nor is his name Preetam. She’s only speaking of how she has been robbed of her favourite song, because she can no longer listen to it, because it reminds her of all the memories she built around it with her ex.

For me, the 'collateral damage' was a travel destination.

Sometimes, the collateral damage can be an office, where you find it difficult to work because it's also inhabited by your ex. At others, it could be a lost work opportunity, because the ex has asked people not to work with you (looking right at ya, Bollywood!).
The truth is, that breakups take away more than a boyfriend/girlfriend — they also sometimes ruin friendships, finances, and professional opportunities, among other things.
Have you ever lost more than a relationship after a breakup? If yes, listen in to Episode 7 of How I Dealt With It, featuring popular romance author Sudeep Nagarkar.

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