Ganesh Chaturthi is Here, So Is ‘Dumpling Cha Raja’ Kozhukkattai
Kozhukkatais are here!
Kozhukkatais are here!(Photo: Shruti Mathur / The Quint)

Ganesh Chaturthi is Here, So Is ‘Dumpling Cha Raja’ Kozhukkattai

Kozhukkattais! Ganesh Chaturthi is here, and the 'Dumpling Cha Raja' has made his grand hero entry! From Maharashtra to the tip of Tamil Nadu, this sweet – and occasionally savoury – recipe is as common as the clay Ganeshas in everybody's homes.

Check out the podcast to ‘taste’ the deliciously sweet dessert that’s got a deeply personal history in Tamil Nadu. You’ll need an elephantine memory, or there’s no use trumpeting about how much you think you know about Kozhukkattai!

Let's dig in!


In a tiny plate on the veranda in the morning sun, a white dumpling with a pointy top sits, steaming hot. I pick it up and I see veins of dark gold running along its sides, reflecting golden in the sunlight. I pop it into my mouth and chew. Instantly the sweetness of caramelised jaggery and coconut shavings gushes out. I lick at the dribble of syrup from my upper lip and sigh in satisfaction.

Ah, the ‘Kozhukkattai’ is here!

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