The Quint Is Now on Telegram!
The Quint is now on Telegram!
The Quint is now on Telegram!(Photo: The Quint)

The Quint Is Now on Telegram!

If you like your news packaged in a flash with a tinge of personalisation, we are now closer and faster with our Telegram service!

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Had enough of the clutter on your feed? That makes the two of us.

We at The Quint promise to deliver the most relevant news updates right to your inbox with our Telegram service. And we also promise to never spam you, till Telegram does us apart!

And if you unsubscribe (we hope you don't), we move on and make peace with your decision.

Here are some of our other Telegram channels.

Quint Hindi:

Quint Fit:

Simply click on a link and join the channel!

Enjoy The Quint on Telegram!

(Hi there! We will be continuing our news service on WhatsApp. Meanwhile, stay tuned to our Telegram channel here.)

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