Kashmir Doctor Saves Many Lives, But Fails to Revive Son

Kashmir Doctor Saves Many Lives, But Fails to Revive Son


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It was a sight to behold. Thousands had braved heavy rains to get a final glimpse of their friend, brother and son. Faizan Ahmad Poswal was declared ‘brought dead’ by his own father Dr Abdul Gani Poswal on 29 June 2018.

The sixteen-year-old was shot dead by Jammu & Kashmir security forces during an anti-militancy drive in Pulwama district. Dr Poswal was on emergency duty that day saving the lives of protestors who were being brought in to the district hospital in critical condition. The only casualty reported that day was his son.

Faizan had three bullet wounds – one in his chest, one near the renal spleen that is certain to cause death if ruptured and the third in the lower abdomen. “It was target killing,” Dr Poswal says.

“What I know about a warning shot is that it is fired below the knee. Only they can explain what kind of warning shot is fired on the chest.’’

0n 29 June, an encounter broke out in south Kashmir’s Pulwama district in which three militants were killed. During the encounter, youth gathered near the site and started pelting stones at the forces. In retaliation, police used tear smoke shells, pellets and bullets.

Many young protestors got injured and Faizan died on the way to the district hospital where his father declared him brought dead.

Later, the locals lifted the body amid anti-India slogans and transported it in an ambulance to Pampore’s Gosannad-Ludhow area, where the family lives.

When asked about the chaos and frustration among the Kashmiri youth, the human rights defenders in Kashmir said that because of the “repression and suppression” from the Indian state, the youth here feel choked. They want their voices to be heard.

The belief is that stone pelting is the only way to make their voices heard and reach the international community so that they get to know about the sufferings of the Kashmiris.

The future of the Kashmiri youth is the graveyard.

Usman Mohd. Poswal, Faizan’s brother, to The Quint

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