Yuvraj Singh Booked for Domestic Violence by Sister-In-Law
Akanksha Sharma vs. Singh brothers.
Akanksha Sharma vs. Singh brothers.Picture courtesy: Instagram/@karmasphere, Twitter/@TeamYuvi12

Yuvraj Singh Booked for Domestic Violence by Sister-In-Law

Former Bigg Boss contestant, Akanksha Sharma has filed a case of domestic violence against cricketer Yuvraj Singh, his brother Zorawar Singh and mother Shabnam Singh. Sharma, who married Yuvraj’s younger brother Zorawar in 2014, stated last year that through the course of her marriage, she experienced both heavy physical and mental trauma from her in-laws.

According to Sharma, she was forced to carry out unnecessary tasks, was forbidden to interact with outsiders, criticized for every word and move and had her personal things examined by her mother-in-law. To all this and more, she alludes, her husband Zorawar and his brother, celebrated cricketer Yuvraj Singh did nothing to stop the mistreatment and in fact, did their bit to add to it.

Marriage, in my mind, is between two people. But my marriage existed between three people - my mother-in-law, my husband who barely had any say and me, who was cornered every way.
Akanksha Sharma, Ex Bigg Boss Contestant

As a response to these allegations, Shabnam Singh had told HT City that she had filed a special petition against her estranged daughter-in-law, presumably for the fact that she had chosen a wide-reaching public platform like Bigg Boss to speak about her grievances.

First of all, this matter is sub judice and she (Akansha) is not allowed to speak. It goes under the contempt of court. There’s a special petition I had filed. Anyone can understand the agenda here and everybody knows it. We are not allowed to speak on this matter.
Shabnam Singh, Mother of Yuvraj Singh

Speaking to The Quint, Sharma’s lawyer Swaty S Malik said that her client had first approached the court last August, but due to a series of events, the court proceedings were vastly delayed. Despite the time-crunch, Malik stated that her client stayed resolute and waited to hear back about an official case and subsequent trial.

There was mental, physical, financial, emotional harassment at the hands of Shabnam and Zoravar, and while Yuvraj wasn’t guilty of the physical pain that was inflicted on my client, he was definitely guilty of the other kinds of mental trauma she went through.
Swaty S Malik, Akanksha Sharma’s Lawyer

In terms of the ‘special petition’ which Shabnam had allegedly filed against Sharma, Malik said that no details, specific or otherwise, were shared with either her or her client, despite the duo asking the court to release documents related to the same.

As of now, the hearing is finally going to take place on the 21 October in Gurugram.

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