Sky-High Shocker: In-Flight Incidents That’ll Leave You Gobsmacked

Pop star Nicki Minaj’s “sip and throw away” tantrum, TV icon Lucille Ball throwing water on an attendant & more.  

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The recent incident of misbehaviour on an IndiGo flight may have been upsetting, but unfortunately, not unexpected. A man stripped in the lavatory and requested the cabin crew to help him out. When the air hostesses refused, he abused them on his way out.

Such acts of harassment, even assault, crop up regularly. And then there are certain other incidents that have the capacity to leave you completely gobsmacked! Here are a few:


1. Nicki Minaj

Pop star Nicki Minaj, apart from her rather quirky music videos, has an equally quirky lifestyle. A bartender’s friend spoke about an incident involving Minaj on an online forum named Crave. According to Crave, the singer kept ordering vodka cranberries on a flight, taking a sip and asking for a new one.

2. Pile of Toenails

Cosmopolitan records similar experiences and this one is downright disgusting.

I had a passenger that bit off his toenails, making a small clippings pile on the small console of the seat. When he asked me to throw them out, my face wrinkled up so bad that I think he knew he was way out of line.
Flight Attendant 

3. Lucille Ball

Another story cited in Crave is about the TV star from yesteryear – Lucille Ball.

A flight attendant accidentally dropped a glass of water on Ball. Lucille kept saying it was OK, and asked for another glass of water. When the attendant came back with it, Lucille threw it right back saying, ‘How do you like it?’

3. "Stolen from Virgin Atlantic"

(Photo Courtesy: Facebook/<a href=";theater">Virgin Atlantic</a>)
(Photo Courtesy: Facebook/Virgin Atlantic)

All of us, ALL OF US, have tried to steal the miniature shampoo, conditioners, body lotions and what-nots. And while a few organisations have decided to turn a blind eye, Virgin Atalantic decided to tug at the guilt of passengers in a habit of stealing and how! Read this Quora contribution:

I was travelling business class from London to Canada. The dinner was served and on the dining tray were two very sweet salt and pepper pots in the shape of little fat planes with wings. They were so cute that I just had to have them. I slipped them discretely into my jacket pocket without the stewardess noticing and promptly forgot about them. When I got them home I showed them to the wife proudly. As I turned them over I noticed some writing on the bottom. Reading closer I noticed the words “Stolen from Virgin Atlantic”.
Peter Webb 

4. Holding the Flight Together With Duct Tape

On an online forum for sharing on-flight experiences, Flight From Hell, a man named Greg started his story the way almost every other irritating-co-passenger story starts. But Greg shut his loud co-passenger by convincing her that the flight was held together with duct tape!

I tell her it’s duct tape, and airlines use it to hold parts of the plane together. She rolls her eyes, and tells me that I’m full of “poopies.” Then I tell her that I’m an aircraft mechanic in the USAF (I am). She takes another look out the window, looks at me, and as if the captain was reading my mind, we began to taxi. He shoots, he scores! She was silent for the entire flight.

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