Navy Greeted With ‘Thanks’ Note on Kochi Rooftop for Kerala Rescue
Navy Greeted With ‘Thanks’ Note on Kochi Rooftop for Kerala Rescue
(Photo Courtesy: Twitter/@indiannavy)

Navy Greeted With ‘Thanks’ Note on Kochi Rooftop for Kerala Rescue

The Navy was in for a pleasant surprise on the morning of Monday, 20 August, when it chanced upon a rooftop painted with a ‘Thanks’ note for their rescue efforts.

A naval Advanced Light Helicopter (ALH), piloted by Cdr Vijay Varma had rescued two women from the house in Kochi where the note was painted on 17 August.

The pictures of the rooftop were tweeted out by the official handle of the Indian Navy.

The Navy has been heaped with praises for its rescue efforts across the flood-hit state. On Sunday, 19 August, a chopper manned by the Indian Navy rescue team attempted a daring stunt when it landed on a narrow rooftop to rescue an 80-year-old woman.

Similarly, two days ago, the Navy rescue team airlifted a pregnant lady from her inundated home in Alapuzha, after her water broke. The woman gave birth to a boy, merely hours after the timely rescue.

In yet another episode of bravery, a Navy diver was hoisted onto the roof of a house in the state's Aluva, where he then rescued a child.

In a video, yet again shared by the Navy's official Twitter handle, flight driver Amit can be seen picking a child up from the roof, before being airlifted by a chopper. The chopper was again manned by Cdr Vijay Verma, the tweet said.

The Navy, Army and other organisations have stepped in to rescue as many persons as possible, even as over 350 people have been killed in the floods, while several thousands have been displaced.

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