Delhi Polls: After Winning Just 8 Seats, BJP to ‘Re-evaluate Plan’

Delhi Polls: After Winning Just 8 Seats, BJP to ‘Re-evaluate Plan’


As counting of votes is underway in Delhi on Tuesday, 11 February, Bharatiya Janata Party’s Delhi headquarters wear a deserted look, with no prominent spokespersons or leaders present at the spot, and with no sign of celebrations.

Early trends showed the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) winning 62 seats, and the BJP ahead in eight seats. In 2015, the BJP won three out of 70 seats in the national capital.

BJP MP Gautam Gambhir congratulated Arvind Kejriwal, conceded defeat and stated that the party could not convince the people of Delhi.

“We put in our best effort. Maybe we could not convince Delhi's public. In internal discussions, we will be able to understand where we lacked,” said Gambhir, while speaking to ANI.

When asked if the BJP should have changed their election strategy, party spokesperson Harish Khurana said that “they will re-evaluate.”

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Khurana also added that “elections will come and go but nationalism will always be an issue.”

Parvesh Verma, who was pulled by the Election Commission, over his communal remarks during the campaign, said that the party will work harder.

“I accept the result. We will work hard and give a better performance in the next elections. If this election would have been on Education and Development, then Education Minister (Manish Sisodia) would not have been trailing,” said Verma.

‘Responsible for Delhi Election Outcome’: Manoj Tiwari on Trends

Earlier during the day, Tiwari said that he will take responsibility for the outcome of Delhi elections.

When the counting of votes had begun early on Tuesday morning, Tiwari had said, “don’t be surprised if we win 55 seats.” He had also added that he was not nervous, and that he was confident that the day will be a “good day” for the BJP.

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