DUSU Elections Results: Big Win For NSUI as it Bags Prez, VP Posts

For the first time since 2012, NSUI has bagged the post of the president in the Delhi University Students’ Union elections.
For the first time since 2012, NSUI has bagged the post of the president in the Delhi University Students’ Union elections. (Photo: The Quint)

DUSU Elections Results: Big Win For NSUI as it Bags Prez, VP Posts


Sonia Gandhi Meets Winning Candidates

Congress President Sonia Gandhi met the NSUI winning candidates and members at Janpath in New Delhi.

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    Sonia Gandhi meets NSUI winning candidates
    Sonia Gandhi meets NSUI winning candidates(Photo: ANI)

NSUI Claims Tampering of Votes

The NSUI alleged that the DUSU results were tampered with. They claim the "personal intervention" of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP President Amit Shah altered votes. They have also threatened to go to the High Court.

AICC secretary in charge of NSUI Girish Chodankar told IANS that NSUI had won three of the four seats, including President, Vice President and Joint Secretary in the DUSU election. But the ABVP was subsequently declared victorious in the Joint Secretary seat.

We have asked the election committee to recount the votes. If they do not do it by the end of the day, we will approach the Delhi High Court to contest the result. This is a matter of shame for the BJP that they have to manipulate results to ensure that ABVP wins.
Girish Chodankar, AICC Secretary in charge of NSUI

NSUI to Go to HC Over Elections

NSUI claims to have won three and not two seats in the DUSU elections. They said they would go to the High Court since their demands for a recount of votes for the post of Joint Secretary was rejected.

Had won 3 seats but recounting of votes shows ABVP’s unconstitutional face. Will go to judiciary.
Deepender Hooda, Congress

NSUI Demand Rejected

NSUI supporters have demanded for a recounting of votes since their candidate lost by a narrow margin. Their demand, however, has been rejected, following which some of the supporters started a protest.

Bhupinder Singh Hooda Helped NSUI Win: Rocky's Father

Speaking to The Quint, Rocky Tuseed’s father, Kulbir Singh Tuseed said they owe Congress politician and former CM of Haryana, Bhupinder Singh Hooda for the victory.

Bhupinder Hooda has helped the kids a lot and most importantly helped us win in the High Court. There is still law and justice in the country.
Kulbir Singh Tuseed, Rocky Tuseed’s father

NSUI Accuses HRD Ministry of Forcing Recounting

The NSUI took to Twitter that the Union HRD Ministry was pressurising the Delhi University to “manipulate” results through recounting.

However, the NSUI is reportedly asking for recounting of votes for the joint secretary post which it has lost by a small margin.

NSUI’s Avinash Yadav, who lost the joint secretary seat, claimed that senior ABVP leaders were present inside during the counting and the screen showing the video of the counting process went blank for as long as 30 seconds pointing to some irregularities.

Chief Election Officer SB Babbar however said there were no lapses in the counting as "DU is the only university which uses EVMs".

He (Avinash Yadav) is crying foul because he lost by a close margin. And as for lapses in the video, they were no longer than a couple of seconds. There were neither ABVP nor NSUI leaders inside, only the candidates
Chief Election Officer SB Babbar

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Congratulatory Messages Pour in

NOTA Highly Preferred

Out of the 43 percent voter turnout, a lot of students seems to have opted for the None of the Above (NOTA) option rather than preferring any of the parties’ candidates. For the post of the secretary, there were a total of 7891 NOTA votes. For the post of Vice President, 7684 NOTA votes were cast.

(Photo: The Quint)
(Photo: The Quint)
(Photo: The Quint)
(Photo: The Quint)

NSUI Demands Recount Votes of Joint Secretary

ABVP has reportedly won the seats of secretary and joint secretary. The NSUI has demanded a recount of the votes for the post of the joint secretary since the margin of votes between the candidates is slim.

Surjewala Congratulated NSUI on Their Win

Congress Spokesperson Randeep Surjewala congratulated the NSUI on their win, saying that this will pave the way for Congress ideology to be strengthened across the country.

The resounding victory of NSUI and Congress in DU is going to pave the way for Congress ideology to be strengthened across the country. Modiji and others who came to power three years ago on the false promises of acchhe din stand exposed for neither are there any jobs, nor opportunities for the young. Universities and their autonomy are under attack.

"Students Rejected Poisonous & Divisive RSS Ideology"

On its official twitter account, NSUI said the results indicate that “students throughout the country have rejected the poisonous and divisive ideology of RSS.”

NSUI Wins VP as Well

The vice presidential post has also been won by Kunal Sherawat from the NSUI.

NSUI Bags Presidential Post

For the first time since 2012, an NSUI candidate has won the presidential post in DUSU elections. ABVP has won the post of general secretary.

After a Rocky Start, Rocky Tuseed Takes the Lead

As per the latest numbers, NSUI is leading in three posts, including the presidential post.

NSUI’s candidate for the post of the president, Rocky Tuseed, who had a rocky start, is leading along with Avinash and Kunal from NSUI.

Other members of NSUI were seen breaking into a victory dance to “We Will Rock You” in the hopes of winning the elections.

ABVP Confident of a Win

ABVP's spokesperson Saket Bahuguna said that his party was confident that the students of the Delhi University will give them yet another mandate this year.

Caste Politics in DUSU Polls: NSUI

Speaking to The Quint, the State President of NSUI said that ABVP was leading in all four seats in the first 7 rounds of counting. There are nine more rounds of counting to go before the results will be declared.

“There's some caste politics involved in here too. ABVP has put up two students from the Gujjar community but there's no Gujjar face in our panel,” he said.

Neck-and-Neck Competition for Presidential Post

Sources told The Quint that ABVP is currently leading. The race for the presidential post is neck-and-neck.

Counting Underway

Tight security near Kingsway Camp in DU.
Tight security near Kingsway Camp in DU.
(Photo: The Quint)

Counting of votes for DUSU elections is underway at a community hall near Kingsway Camp today amid tight security.

The main contestants for the DUSU presidential post are ABVP's Rajat Choudhary, NSUI's Rocky Tuseed, AISA's Parul Chauhan, independent candidate Raja Choudury and Alka.

Representatives of major students political outfits were among those present outside counting centre.

Final results are expected at around 12 noon.

Last year, the ABVP had bagged three posts while NSUI made a comeback, winning the post of Joint Secretary.

Ambiguity Over Whether Counting of Votes Will Be Video Recorded

Counting of votes will be held on Wednesday in the Community Hall, Police Lines, Kingsway camp, said a notification from the office of Chief Election Officer (CEO).

There is still ambiguity about whether the counting will be video recorded as requested by the NSUI alleging corruption in the vote count done by partisan elements.

"We had approached the CEO with a request to video record the counting process but we never received a formal reply from him," an NSUI member told IANS.

DUSU Battle on, 44% Turnout So Far

From the 51 colleges whose students elect the DUSU, the percentage of voting in 32 institutions where votes had been counted was 44 percent, Chief Election Officer SB Babbar told IANS, while the counting at nine colleges remains to be done.

According to sources, there was 65 percent voting in Hindu College, over 50 percent in Ramjas College, 40 percent in Deshbandhu College, 58 percent in Shri Ram College of Commerce, 58 percent in Rajdhani College and 53 percent in ARSD College.

HC Gives Go Ahead to Declare Presidential Poll Result

The Delhi High Court has given a go-ahead to the Delhi University to declare the results for the post of President in the Delhi University Students Union (DUSU) election on Wednesday.

The counting of votes is scheduled for Wednesday.

The High Court’s order came on a plea by the University seeking modification of its 8 September interim order by which it had allowed National Students Union of India (NSUI) presidential candidate Rocky Tuseed to contest the election, but directed the varsity not to declare the results for the post of the President.

The order came after the university contended that partial counting of votes would not be possible as the polls were being conducted through electronic voting machine (EVM) which consists of a single control unit.

ABVP Students Prepare for Celebration

"Expecting More Space for Dissent"

“I have come here for change. I am expecting more space for dissent in the campus,” a student said.

"We Should be Responsible Students"

“As law students we understand the gravity of law. We should be responsible, we can’t treat it as a holiday,” a student of Law Faculty who came to cast his vote said.

"Hope there's Less Violence in the University"

“We’re voting because it’s a fundamental right but also because we want development in the college. We don’t want money or muscle power to win. I hope that there is less violence in the campus unlike the recent times,” Shubham, a student from DU said.

For the first time since 2012, the Congress-backed National Students Union of India (NSUI) has bagged the post of the president in the Delhi University Students’ Union elections. The main contestants for the presidential post were Rajat Choudhary of the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP), Rocky Tuseed of NSUI, Parul Chauhan of the All-India Students Association (AISA), and independent candidates Raja Choudury and Alka. Elections to the student body were held on 12 September.

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  • NSUI to go to HC over dissatisfaction of vote count
  • NSUI’s Rocky Tuseed has won the post of the president in DUSU elections
  • This is the first time that NSUI has bagged the post of the president since 2012
  • ABVP has won the posts of general secretary and joint secretary
  • DUSU elections took place on 12 September and saw a voter turnout of 44%

Low Voter Turnout

The police have blocked roads, allowing only the entry of students in the university premises. The voter turnout for the first round of voting was low.

Voting Commences

The voting for DUSU elections began at 8:30. It is expected to continue till 1 pm for morning colleges.

Notice Issued to DUSU Poll Candidates for Defacing Public Property

The Delhi High Court issued show cause notices to candidates of various parties contesting the Delhi University Students Union (DUSU) elections on Tuesday as to why action should not be taken against them for allegedly defacing public property with their posters.

The high court also pulled up the Delhi police for not taking action or arresting those who did deface public property, which attracts a maximum jail term of 10 years, PTI reported.

A bench comprising of acting chief justice Gita Mittal and justice C Hari Shankar said the offence was cognisable and liable to be punished. Also adding that a strong message should be sent so violators learn a lesson.

“The offences are cognisable, non-bailable and liable for imprisonment. The concerned deputy commissioner of police ( DCP ) shall inform the court about who they have taken action against. The DCP shall also file a status report and explain why cases haven’t been registered under the provisions of the DMRC Act,” the bench said.

The court issued show cause notice to over 10 candidates of various parties, including RSS-backed ABVP and Congress- backed NSUI. The bench also asked the Election Commission of DU to ensure that notice is served to candidates.

Among others, the court issued show cause notice to NSUI’s presidential candidate Rocky Tuseed and ABVP’s Ankit Basoya and Mahamedha Nagar and listed the matter for hearing on September 20.

The police said they have lodged 33 FIRs in this regard and issued direction that any illegal defacement of properties will be dealt with heavy hands.

The court, however, asked, "How many have been arrested? Can't you identify the people? Whose posters are they? Under which sections FIRs have been lodged? We had asked you to take action. What have you done?"

DUSU Elections Today

Delhi University is geared up for the annual Delhi University Students' Union (DUSU) elections, on Tuesday, 12 September.

The elections for the four posts of president, vice-president, secretary and joint secretary are once again expected to be a contest between the conventional bigwigs of student politics – the Congress' National Students Union of India (NSUI) and the RSS-affiliated Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP).

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