How To Withdraw Money From PPF Account? Check Every Detail Here
PPF Account Money Withdrawal Procedure and more.
PPF Account Money Withdrawal Procedure and more.(File Photo: IANS)

How To Withdraw Money From PPF Account? Check Every Detail Here

Investing in Public Provident Fund (PPF) is the preferred option for many people. Investment and the interest received in it is tax-free, therefore, the amount redeemed later is also tax-free.

The special thing is that the lock-in period in this scheme is for 15 years. The amount deposited in this account can be withdrawn only after this period. However, in some circumstances, the account holder can withdraw the amount before the completion of the period.

Permission to withdraw up to 50 percent of the amount deposited in a PPF account is obtained after completion of five years from the year of starting of the account. At the same time, partial withdrawal is allowed in every financial year.


To understand the withdrawal process easily, suppose you opened a PPF account on 15 January 2015. In such a situation, you can only make partial withdrawals after completion of five financial years, therefore, you can withdraw money in the financial year 2018-19 after 15 January 2019.

  • Important Things To Note For Money Withdrawal From PPF Account

50 percent of the money deposited in the PPF account can be withdrawn on completion of 5 years. The entire amount can be withdrawn after completion of 15 years.

  • Money withdrawal application

To withdraw money from the PPF account, fill the application form C available at the post office or bank where the account has been opened.

The account number and the amount to be withdrawn must be mentioned in the application form along with the sign of the account holder. The form must also have a revenue stamp.

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  • Procedure to withdraw funds from PPF account

To withdraw money from a bank or post office, first, find out whether you are eligible for money withdrawal or not.

The account holder needs to check the account opening date and how much money can be withdrawn from the PPF account at that point of time. The amount will be deposited in the customer's bank account or bank draft will be provided.

  • How to close the PPF account?

It is advised not to close the PPF account until there is a serious emergency. The longer the PPF account is managed, the better it is for the account holder. The PPF account closes after the completion of five financial years from the date of opening of the account.

For situations like serious or life-threatening illness or higher education of children etc, the account can be closed by providing the required documents. The account holder will not be provided with the entire amount as shown in the account but will be subjected to a one percent lower interest rate from the interest rate that was provided to the account holder.

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