Still from Gargi College’s Main Kashmir, Aur Aap? Main Manipur. (Photo Courtesy: Nimisha Rajendran)
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‘We Won’t Stop’: Students Slam Ban on 4 Plays at Ramjas College

On 31 March, four college plays were banned from being performed at Ramjas College’s annual street theatre festival Mukhatib.

The plays in question are Trump Card (SGTB Khalsa College), Jokistaan (Dyal Singh), Sawal to Uthega (Questions Will Be Raised) staged by Guru Gobind Singh College and Gargi College’s Main, Kashmir Aur Aap? Main Manipur (I’m Kashmir, And You? I’m Manipur). The reason for the ban: the plays touched upon the ‘sensitive’ issue of nationalism.

Of the three teams that were allowed to participate, Lady Shri Ram college refused to perform in protest against the ban.

Video Editor: Vivek Gupta

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