Hasan Minhaj Stumps Shashi Tharoor With Millennial Lingo
Shashi Tharoor on Patriot Act. 
Shashi Tharoor on Patriot Act. (Photo Courtesy: Instagram/Hasan Minhaj

Hasan Minhaj Stumps Shashi Tharoor With Millennial Lingo

MP Dr Shashi Tharoor appeared on Hassan Minhaj’s Patriot Act in his latest episode on Indian elections. The comedian asked him about the state of Indian politics and the impending elections.

“In many ways the upcoming elections is a battle for the soul of India. We’ve had a party in power for 4.5 years, which has – in many ways– represented a radical departure from some aspects of what India has always been about. The India that you want your kids to grow up in is the India that people like me to speak for.”
Dr Shashi Tharoor on Patriot Act

Shashi Tharoor, in more ways than one, has been educating a lot of us on Twitter with his choicest vocabulary. Sample this:

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But, here’s what Minhaj was able to achieve – he stumped the vocab-star with millennial language and he seemed quite amused.

When Minhaj asked Tharoor the meaning of ‘FLEEK’, he simply said ‘plugged in’. When he asked what ‘THICC’ meant, he was dumbfounded yet again. Social media, however, hasn’t stopped LOLing ever since this slice of the show hit Instagram.

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The episode broke the internet when it aired on Netflix on Monday. It spoke about party politics, the corruption scandals and the biggest dance of democracy in the world – General Elections 2019. Minhaj, who is an American comedian of Indian origin, begins the episode by showing desi uncles and aunties warning him against talking about Indian politics.

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