There’s a Period Emoji on iOS But Bloody Hell It Took Two Years
Period emojis FTW, or not?
Period emojis FTW, or not?(Photo: Arnica Kala/The Quint)

There’s a Period Emoji on iOS But Bloody Hell It Took Two Years

Here’s the thing iOS users – your phones now have a period emoji.

Here’s what the period emoji looks like. 
Here’s what the period emoji looks like. 
(Photo: UNICODE)

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It might not seem like a big deal at first, but it took almost two years to get this tiny emoji to your screens, according to a report in the Grazia.

(Courtesy: Reaction Gifs)

Yes, that is how much time it took to campaign, conduct an online vote, and collaborate with the NHS Blood campaign to get the proposed emoji approved.

Even then, it wasn’t easy.

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The most popular choice for the period emoji was actually a pair of pants stained by blood, but it wasn’t accepted by the Unicode Consortium – the organisation that decides which emojis will become part of the emojiverse, reported Sky News.
(Courtesy: 30 Rock)

After it was rejected, Plan International UK, a women’s rights charity that had pushed to adopt the period emoji, opted for the second-most voted design of their online vote in 2017 i.e. the blood drop, according to the BBC. It then teamed up with NHS to take it forward.

Better late than never, but will a period emoji help fight the stigma over menstruation? Opinion is divided.

What do you think about the emoji?

(With inputs from Grazia, BBC and Sky News)

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