Kashmiri School Girl Reports on Snowfall From Shopian, Wins Hearts
School girl reports from Shopian. 
School girl reports from Shopian. (Photo: Twitter/Fahad Shah

Kashmiri School Girl Reports on Snowfall From Shopian, Wins Hearts

Say hello to the youngest Indian ground reporter from Kashmir! Not only does she give the complete picture of the situation, she also gives a voice to those affected by it.

This youngest reporter is a school girl from Shopian. After her video went viral on Twitter, several journalists hailed her as the upcoming journalistic talent!

Fresh snowfall in the Kashmir valley led to a sharp fall in temperature, causing hindrance in everyday life. However, the snowfall, which forced schools in some areas to shut down, did not deter some kids to step out and build something.

In Shopian, where snowfall was quite heavy, kids hid themselves in a tiny igloo-like tunnel that they’d built for themselves. The young reporter said, that they were hiding from their parents who wanted them to do their homework instead.

When the kids refused to say anything, she said:

Sardi mein bacche sooj gaye hai, meaning that the kids have frozen due to the cold!

Twitter was gung-ho about this protege. Here’s how they welcomed her.

All the best for your upcoming assignments, kid. Look forward to more ground reports from you!

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