If Game of Thrones’ Night King Were to Have A Queen Who’d it be?
Who could be the Night Queen?
Who could be the Night Queen?Photo: The quint

If Game of Thrones’ Night King Were to Have A Queen Who’d it be?

Game of Thrones Season 8 teaser has us fans all riled up and fan theories are pouring in from all corners.

We all know the crazy theories would meet the same fate as the Wall from the last season finale.

Ice dragon, hell yeah!
Ice dragon, hell yeah!
Photo: Giphy

But that has never stopped the fans from speculating all sorts of possibilities, even the chance of a Night Queen.

Night King Star Confesses he Wants Two Queens

So when the Night King star Vladimir Furdik visited Delhi for Comic Con 2018, we popped the question to him. And you wouldn’t believe what his response was!

The Night King AKA Vladimir Furdik was spotted walking among the pop culture loving mortals and signing off autographs to star-struck fans at Delhi Comic Con 2018.

We caught up with the man on day one of the weekend long extravaganza at NSIC grounds in New Delhi, after making sure no ‘Ice Dragons’ were in the vicinity.

This isn’t Furdik’s first trip to India, he shared.

I’ve been to India before when I was filming for a movie, more than twenty years ago. I was in India for almost two months and met a lot of nice people. I also had the opportunity to see the beautiful countryside and to taste traditional Indian food. I am looking forward to a similar experience. I’ve never met such friendly people as I have in India.
Vladimir Furdik

Furdik had some amazing facts to share about him as an actor and the Night King character.

For example, did you know it takes an insane 6 hours for him to get in character!

The transforming process is quite interesting and takes almost 6 hours. My makeup consists of 8 parts which stick to my face. It is not that hard to wear and also protects you from the cold and wind. 
Vladimir Furdik, Actor

The Night King’s makeup and prosthetic mask is made from scratch every day. Game Of Thrones’ producers make sure that they crush it at the end of the day. But, Vladimir Furdik was able to sneak one out, (the prosthetic for his Night King makeup) as a souvenir.

Not to mention the fact that the makeup artist is always on standby on set, for at least 11 hours!

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