‘Sadaf or Sad AF’? Twitter Shares Stories of Mispronounced Names
Here are some of the worst pronunciations of names.
Here are some of the worst pronunciations of names.(Photo Courtesy : Twitter)

‘Sadaf or Sad AF’? Twitter Shares Stories of Mispronounced Names

How many times have you heard your name mispronounced?

Think about the number of people you would want to punch because they mispronounce your name. It wouldn’t be surprising if you lose count, right? No matter how simple the name is, disappointments – in the form of humans – will never cease to exist.

Recently, Twitter user ‘Sorcha Ní Nia’ had her share of grievances to tweet. She started a tweet thread asking people for the worst pronunciations of their names that they’ve heard. And... voila!

Her tweet went viral with everyone sharing their own stories.

She posted a photograph of her Starbucks cup with her name completely misspelled, which ushered in tweets from other users sharing their own stories.

Sometimes, these errors turn you into something yummy.

Do you have a count of the various ways you can say your name?

And the list of disappointments continue...

It’s amazing how some people can find new ways to say your name... ways that you could never think of!

Roll Over The Floor With These...

Ever been turned from beauty to beast?

I bet you’ve mispronounced someone’s name before and experienced a long moment of awkwardness -a moment you’d like to never relive!

Remember that one teacher who would always mispronounce your name, so much so that people thought that’s what your name actually is?

Has your name ever been mispronounced? Let us know in the comments!

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