What Happens in Avengers Infinity War? Let’s Get Talking

What if things go the 2003 Marvel comic way and it’s The End... but Thanos emerges as the real good guy? 

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Some questions answered! 

(Warning: Major spoilers ahead. Please read this at your own risk!)

Avengers: Infinity War released last week and all Marvel fans marched to the theatres around the world... and came out like this:

<i>What just happened?</i>
What just happened?
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You even waited until after the credits just to get a glimpse of where the franchise will go... But that left you just as confused as before! Now, just say it, you spent the whole night thinking about various possibilities, a parallel universe and what not, maybe a multiverse?

Like seriously, even Black Panther, the newest of them all, while we were still basking in the glow of ‘Wakanda Forever’ in our lives!


We Won’t Take This Sitting Down...

We know that Infinity War is ONLY the first half of the story and there’s so much more that’s yet to happen. While some fans thought Thanos was a good guy who decluttered the Marvel Superhero universe for them after killing (not really) almost half, others got to the business of digging deep into what may lie ahead.

Right, maybe Ant-Man will FINALLY emerge as the real hero.

Captain Marvel is the next in line after Ant-Man. In fact, the post credits did come with her logo... will she or won’t she be the real saviour?


We’re Getting Desperate in Our Denial...

Is it ‘The End’? If we go by the 2003 Marvel comic where Thanos gets the power of the Heart of the Universe and becomes the most powerful being in the galaxy, he finds out that the Universe is bound to end and the only way to save it is to end it so he can recreate it by erasing himself. Which gets us thinking... is Thanos the GOOD guy?

Thanos: Good guy, Bad guy?&nbsp;
Thanos: Good guy, Bad guy? 
(Photo: GIPHY)

Or what if there’s a whole new age of superheroes? Going by that train of thought, Thanos kills the superheroes but leaves behind the main ones (aka all the original Avengers), but with massive responsibilities.

Aye aye, Captain!&nbsp;
Aye aye, Captain! 
(Photo: GIPHY)

What are your theories for Avengers 4?

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