World’s Ugliest Dog? It’s time to Redefine ‘Ugly’

The world’s ugliest dog competition claims to not ridicule the not-so-cute animals, in fact, quite the opposite!

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This dog named Quasi Modo won the “coveted” title of the World’s Ugliest Dog. The competition was held in Petaluma, California on Friday. (Photo: AP)

It’s convenient to pitch dogs against one another in a contest where the ugliest of the lot wins. Meet the 10 year old Quasi Modo, the winner of the ‘World’s Ugliest Dog’ competition held in Petaluma, California.

If this was a human contest, the world would be up in arms. And does one define ugly anyway? I guess just how you define beauty. But since beauty pageants are so passe, is ugliness what it takes to turn our heads now?

Why does such a bizarre competition even exist in the first place?! Although the event organisers uphold their intent to encourage people to adopt dogs that are born with multiple defects. But, the fact that they’re winning the title of being ‘ugly’, beats the purpose, doesn’t it?

According to the event’s website, the contestants are judged on the basis of  first impressions, unusual attributes, natural ugliness, personality and audience impression. Natural ugliness? Seriously!

Quasi Modo after winning the first place at World’s Ugliest Dog competition held at Sonoma Marin Fair, Petaluma California. 
Quasi Modo after winning the first place at World’s Ugliest Dog competition held at Sonoma Marin Fair, Petaluma California. 

We aren’t interested in lineage, it’s the inner beauty and personality that shine in our World’s Ugliest Dog contest.
Karen Spencer, Marketing Director for Sonoma Marin Fair

It might be a unique contest but to call a living being (that too one that’s unfortunate enough to be living with deformities) ugly is hugely insulting, isn’t it? When we talk about the struggles of deformed people we salute their courage and highlight their inner beauty. But we have no right to address them as ‘abnormal’.

Quasi Modo, a pit bull-Dutch shepherd mixed breed resembles a hyena and is hunched over thanks to an abnormally short spine. The owners of the winning dogs reportedly take home $1,500 along with cash prizes and gifts for their dogs’ ‘excellence in ugliness’.

While this bizarre event is creating a stir on social media, some have criticised the whole idea. We wonder what’s next! Maybe it’s time to bring back the beauty pageants in all their fake glory.

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