#Manels Tweeple Slam All-Male Panels, Ask for Equal Representation
Twitter users slam manels.
Twitter users slam manels.(Photo: Twitter/@martyswant)

#Manels Tweeple Slam All-Male Panels, Ask for Equal Representation

Tired of watching an all-male panel pontificating and discussing everything under the sun without even realising that it’s not fair?

Well, here’s some good news as social media endorses the need for a panel with equal representation.

The Twitterverse has started a new trend, slamming all organisations that entertain a ‘manel’ – an all-male panel – for discussions and events. Organisers cite the inability to find female experts as the reason for not inviting them – REALLY?

Twitterati Slam #Manel Discussions

Swedish journalist Camille Tuutti described her disappointment at having to listen to a ‘manel’, even though the IT community boasts of having highly qualified and successful women leading the industry.

Tweeple also questioned the experts who agree to participate in a ‘manel’, asking if they ever felt awkward about the absence of the female voice.

Global giants like Google have also been guilty of hosting ‘manel’ discussions during their ‘Ad Fraud Summit’ in New York.

It is not just panel discussions alone that are guilty of being hosted by manels. Various publications and research papers have also failed to highlight the contribution of female experts and their work in respective areas.

Have you attended a public event addressed by a manel? Let us know in the comments below.

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