The Office India Is Officially Leaving Twitter too Polarised!
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The Office India Is Officially Leaving Twitter too Polarised!

The Office’s desi version is officially making a lot of Twitter users cringe.

Yup, the Indian version of The Office, which is now streaming on Hotstar, is struggling to make the audience happy with its Faridabadesque humor.

The original show, which was created for British audiences by comedians Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant; and made into a cult by the American adaptation, has a die-hard loyal fan base, which is finding the Indian version too cringey.

But not everyone’s quick to dismiss the Indian adaptation. Here’s a valid point raised by screenwriter Aniruddha Guha.

And this Twitter user says instead of blindly translating The Office US’ jokes into Hindi, if the writers of the show played with authentic Indianisms that happen in Indian offices, that would result in a more relatable show.

Meanwhile, comedian Naveen Richard, who was one of the stars and creators of the Better Life Foundation, and used the same mockumentary style of storytelling that became synonymous with The Office says he is all about love for the show, and no hate.

Well, safe to assume Naveen’s karma points are gonna get a major boost with this decision!

But aside from the ‘polarised’ debate, there’s also some funny truth bombs about the whole situation!

But hey, no matter which side of the debate you are on, here’s one thing we can all agree.

That we can give our valid criticism to the show, but not get personal about each actor, or even the writers and the production house, and go on comparing them to the original actors. Sure Steve Carell was great as Michael Scott, but expecting Mukul Chadda to be his carbon copy is kinda harsh!

After all, it’s an altogether different matter to make a Western show relatable to Indian sensibilities!

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