TVF Play’s ‘Inmates’: A Rare Gem or Another Passable Series?

This series is still in its initial stage and the chances of pulling through seem quite high.

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In a lot of ways, TVF Play’s new web series, Inmates, has broken barriers of a typical Indian show. It’s not about marriage, it’s not about parents, it’s not about being a good wife.

Inmates is about a bunch of youngsters, each with their own set of ambitions and “morals”.  It follows the life of these friends trying to make it big and figuring themselves out in the process.
The cast of TVF Play’s new series <i>Inmates.</i>
The cast of TVF Play’s new series Inmates.
(Photo Courtesy: TVF Play)

There is Richa, a casting director with a love for desi gaalis and bossing people around. She also has some doubts about her sexuality, which leads to a confrontation with her boyfriend.

There’s Rahul, a struggling actor, whose life seems to revolve around protein shakes, hitting the gym and being melodramatic.

Then there is Madhav, who at first seems to be a hardworking “yes-sir” type of a person. However, he only has one thing on his mind — getting laid. Madhav tries his luck on Tinder, but gets a nasty shock when the woman’s husband walks in on them saying, “Don’t worry beta, I only want to watch today.” Later, he sets his sights on Kay, but is in for another surprise.

Introduced at the end of the first episode, Kay is the stepsister of Agent Fooga a DJ, previously based out of Goa. She has a quirky sense of humor, is outspoken, and identifies herself as a feminist.

Agent Fooga from TVF Play’s new series
Agent Fooga from TVF Play’s new series
(Photo Courtesy: TVFPlay)
The pilot’s most interesting character though, is Fooga. He carries the same nonchalant expression throughout; whether he cracks a joke or passes a sarcastic comment. Sadly, the second and third episode weaken his character. The enigma surrounding Fooga vanishes into thin air, and he seems to be an emotionally distraught person, hiding under layers of aggression.
Rahul, Fooga, Richa and Madhav.
Rahul, Fooga, Richa and Madhav.
(Photo Courtesy: TVFPlay)

Inmates is mostly set inside, but not limited to, a modern Mumbai apartment. The four friends living together are like water and oil, entertaining us with their hilarious clashes. These clashes seem very natural, and you can connect to them on a very personal level.

The first episode builds a solid base while leaving enough space for assumptions. It’s exciting, surprising, and wild. The dialogues are hilarious, and create an immersive atmosphere. Its so real, you feel some of them are directed at you. 

The second episode, apart from a few plot twists, was a wild goose chase. Most of the episode revolves around Fooga’s missing pet cockroach, Sam. Most screen time is spent either searching for Sam or drinking to drown the sorrow of losing him.

The third episode introduces another character – Varun, who is Richa’s long distance boyfriend. Their rocky relationship seems to play on patriarchal stereotypes. At the same time, a weak outline makes this episode feel like a drag.

I still recommend that you watch this series as it is in its initial stage, and the chances of pulling through are still quite high.

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