Growing Pains: 6 Things You Realise Only After You Grow Up
A poor adult’s cry for help. 
A poor adult’s cry for help. (Source: iStock)

Growing Pains: 6 Things You Realise Only After You Grow Up

As children, what most of us wanted to do was to grow up as soon as possible. And for good reason. Adults bossed us around everywhere – at home, we had to do whatever our parents or grandparents or even older siblings asked us to, at school we had no choice but to listen to our teachers.

Fast forward to adulthood, and all of us are faced with some happy and some not-so-happy realisations. Here are a few of them.

Everything Costs Money

Nothing is free. The chair you are sitting on cost money, the mobile/tablet/computer you’re reading this on cost money. The food you eat, the clothes you wear, everything costs money.

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As You Grow Older, Time Goes Faster

Between work and chores and other adult things, you barely have time for yourself.

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What Is Even Adulting?

Nobody feels like an adult, everybody’s just faking it. People don’t have a clue about life.

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Unavoidable Responsibilities

As a kid, you could avoid responsibilities. Not anymore, nope.

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And The Good Bits...

You Don't Need Permission

Nope, not from your parents. Nor from anybody else. You’re your own boss.

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Beer Gets Tastier

Pretty self-explanatory.

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