Twitter Cries ‘Mexit’ as Harry-Meghan Step Back as Senior Members
File photo of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.
File photo of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. (Photo: The Quint/Yagya Sachdeva)

Twitter Cries ‘Mexit’ as Harry-Meghan Step Back as Senior Members

In what seems like a major setback for the royal family, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have officially stepped back from their roles as ‘senior’ members of the British royal family. The two shared a statement on Instagram saying they will, moving forward, ‘work to become financially independent’ and travel back and forth between the UK and North America.

Now now, for all those thinking that they are stripping themselves of their “royal” status, you’re wrong. They’re both still royals, but without the family money. Or something like that.


Although the two will still continue to support the charities that they’ve been working with as members of the royal family, they will now also be taking on other jobs since they’re practically cutting themselves off from the royal payroll. Twitter, of course, could not wait to jump on the ‘Mexit’ wagon after the announcement.

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Now, of course, the bigger goal for the two is being able to start their life on their own terms, but the move was also motivated by how the UK media did not spare any chances to take potshots at Meghan.

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Prince Harry even expressed his disappointment over the media’s critical reportage of Meghan, in a statement he made early into their relationship, in 2016.

Speculations suggest that the two might move to Canada for the time being, however, no official announcement has been made on that front yet. But here’s wishing them happier beginnings post all that family drama!

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