Indians Get Creative, Play Balcony Tambola During Delhi Lockdown
Residents get creative with a game of balcony tambola in Delhi.
Residents get creative with a game of balcony tambola in Delhi.(Photo Courtesy: Twitter)

Indians Get Creative, Play Balcony Tambola During Delhi Lockdown

Amidst the coronavirus outbreak, India has come to a partial halt with 75 districts across the country being put under lockdown to prevent further spread of the virus. Naturally, when you’re stuck indoors, life can get a little boring. But isn’t boredom the starting point for creativity? Well, in Delhi’s Pitampura, that’s exactly how things work.


To tackle the boredom of being indoors, the residents of Pitampura decided that just because they were stuck indoors and had to socially distance, didn’t mean they couldn’t have fun! So they brought out one of the oldest community games - tambola!

Recently, a social media user took to Twitter to post a video in which residents of Delhi can be seen enjoying a game of tambola from their balconies. As the camera pans, you can hear someone’s voice on the mic explaining the rules of the game. People can be seen intently sitting in their balconies with pencils and the tambola slip in their hands.

Take a look:

Twitter was impressed by the innovative idea!

But some also had valid questions..

For those living in urban setups like apartments, staying indoors can get quite lonesome. And this, perhaps, is one of the best ways to hold onto that feeling of community love and belonging. In fact, people in other parts of the world are also doing this.

Here’s a video of people playing ‘Balcony Bingo’ in Amsterdam.

The tweet reads, “#lockdownleven in Amsterdam: Balcony Bingo. Numbers are announced, bingo check with photos in the neighborhood app”

Here’s hoping that along with the global COVID-19 death toll, these little instances of community survival also get immortalised in history with an equal amount of importance.

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