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Slow clap for Nando’s latest ad in India.  

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Nope, we don’t like no rape-y language. (Photo: <b>The Quint</b>)

Sometimes, actually most of the time, I believe that companies let their inner sixth grader out to crack some dirty jokes, you know, just to get it out of their system. One can imagine them huddled in a corner having a hearty laugh over an innuendo or even (literally) ROFL-ing over a poop joke. If you ask them which planet of the solar system is their favourite, they’d probably scream ‘URANUS’ in a chorus. And maybe that explains Nando’s print ad, on 26 March, which rankled even National Conference leader Omar Abdullah.

This ad is why #EpicFails is alive. This ad is also the reason why I had an inner monologue, where I was split into two, for exactly two minutes. The transcript is as follows:

Nando’s: But OMG we totally did! We’re so cheeky and cray cray! But wait lemme take a selfie…
Me: Guys, do you even think things through? What sort of message is this? Do you know that according to National Crime Records Bureau, 3,37,922 crimes against women were recorded in 2014 alone?
Nando’s: Whatevs dude. YOLO
Me: No, No YOLO. Statistics reveal that in our country 92 rapes are committed every day.
Nando’s: Wow your such a buzzkill. Why can’t you just chill!
Me: It’s YOU’RE. And don’t go around asking people to chill. This is gross objectification of a woman’s body! This is misogynistic!
Nando’s: Is it too late now to say I’m sorry, cuz I’m just extremely bawdy. #WeLoveJB

After I recovered from my split personality tirade I was reminded of other advertising fails that made me ponder. I pondered over what sh*t these people were smokin’ cuz I wouldn’t mind me some.

Remember when Triumph, a lingerie brand, found a creepy way of asking ‘who’s your daddy’ in Sri Lanka? That too on freaking Father’s Day.

Apparently suggesting incest through ads is a ‘thing’. (Photo Courtesy: Imgur)
Apparently suggesting incest through ads is a ‘thing’. (Photo Courtesy: Imgur)

And these brands are just upholding the traditions of ‘ghosts of advertising’s past’. One internet search and the ghouls come tumbling out.

Umm, no thanks. (Photo Courtesy: Imgur)
Umm, no thanks. (Photo Courtesy: Imgur)
That’s not cool, bro. (Photo Courtesy: Imgur)
That’s not cool, bro. (Photo Courtesy: Imgur)

Misogyny is alive and kickin’ yo!

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