Gordon Ramsay’s Butter Chicken Gets Bad-Kind-Of Roasted on Twitter
Gordon Ramsay gets roasted for his butter chicken
Gordon Ramsay gets roasted for his butter chickenPhoto : Giphy

Gordon Ramsay’s Butter Chicken Gets Bad-Kind-Of Roasted on Twitter

Looks like celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has just gotten a taste of his own medicine..sorry we mean err...his own butter chicken? Thats right folks, Ramsay who’s otherwise known for his impeccable and “proper” cooking as well as his unfathomable roasting abilities - we mean with words, has just been taken down on twitter in his very own style.

Gordon Ramsay
Gordon Ramsay
Photo : Giphy

The British chef who’s known for visiting restaurants and tearing their dishes apart with his sharp words just experienced the very same at the hands of twitterati. 

At Heathrow, Ramsay enjoyed a signature dish at “Plane Food”, his restaurant. He posted a picture of what looked like a not so very appetising plate of “Butter chicken”. The photo he shared showed a bowl of the chicken along with some rice and papad.

The tweet read “Can't get on a flight from Heathrow without enjoying the butter chicken curry at @planefood....#readyfortakeoff @HeathrowAirport”

However desi tweeple were not impressed, in fact some felt it was an abomination of sorts,so much as to say that they wouldn't eat it even if they were paid to. Ha! Guess Ramsay just got BURNED. 

Brutal but funny nonetheless, I’m sure Ramsay wouldn't mind the roasting since he’s pretty much the Masterchef of it all. See what I did there? Anyway here’s hoping our butter chicken is never found without it’s OTP- a hot crispy naan.

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