Did Catwoman Just Bail on Batman at the Altar?
Batman #50 released on 4 July. 
Batman #50 released on 4 July. (Photo: twitter.com/AyeChamp)

Did Catwoman Just Bail on Batman at the Altar?

Batman #50, the latest issue of DC comics, was released on Wednesday. Going by the previous issues, Batman and Catwoman were expected to tie the knot.

Selina Kyle and Bruce Wayne were prepared to wed in an intimate ceremony atop Gotham City’s Finger Tower skyscraper, with only three others- the officiant Judge Wolfman, Alfred and Selina's old partner, Holly Robinson.

This was supposedly the most anticipated moment in the series, but it came with a dreadful twist. Catwoman bailed on Batman at the last moment and this made fans go berserk!

Buzz on social media about their wedding got fans super-pumped, but this ‘plot-twist’ led them to point fingers at Tom King, the writer.

“Man, This Hurt to Read...”

To end the misery of fans, Tom King tweeted:

Before the wedding, Ms. Robinson remarks to Ms. Kyle that she had never seen Mr. Wayne so happy and that it seemed like he always needed his “misery” to continue to fight against evil.

This observation plagues Ms. Kyle with doubt and she decides that she has to sacrifice her marriage to ensure that Gotham would always have its protector. She skips town and leaves Bruce to lament at the altar.

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