‘Adorable PSA’: Here’s Why This UP Traffic Cop is Winning Hearts
The cop showed the internet that good deeds get ‘caught’ too.
The cop showed the internet that good deeds get ‘caught’ too.(Photo: Twitter screenshot/ @upcoprahul)

‘Adorable PSA’: Here’s Why This UP Traffic Cop is Winning Hearts

Think traffic cops only pull you over for challans? Think again!

This traffic cop in Uttar Pradesh ‘caught’ a mother and daughter traveling on a two-wheeler for doing a good deed and turned it into an ‘adorable PSA’ (public service announcement).

The policeman, who is posted in UP’s Deoria, is winning hearts of social media for his actions.

The cop spotted the mother-daughter riding a scooter, with both of them wearing helmets. The cop praised the woman biker for wearing a helmet while driving and also praised the fact that the woman had ensured that her child, too, was wearing one.

He captured the interaction on camera in a bid to encourage more people to do the same and follow traffic rules. He also urged people on social media to make sure that their children wore helmets while riding with them.


'Adorable PSA’

A lot of people on social media applauded the ease with which the cop interacted with the child and made her feel included. The cop also promises the child a reward, but when he is unable to find anything immediately, he promises that he will visit the child in her school and deliver the reward.

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Traffic Cop or PSA King?

According to a Twitter user who commented on the viral thread, the cop from the video is senior traffic inspector Ramvriksh Yadav from Deoria, UP, and has made significant chances in the town’s traffic system.

'Politician Bano to Achche Ban na...’

During his interaction, the cop makes a cheeky remark as well. He tells the child that she is very responsible from such a young age, and will surely choose a worthy profession when she grows up.

While listing out professions like IAS, doctor etc, he circles towards being a politician but adds, “if you become a politician, become a good and honest one.”

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