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On a side note, sunglasses hain ya geometry box?

(Photo: Instagram)

12 Honest Thoughts I Had Going Through DeepVeer Anniversary Pics

How I celebrated DeepVeer’s anniversary on Instagram.

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Who Leaks These Celeb Selfies? the Nation Wants to Know

Clearly this is a selfie... or is it cropped? Who posted this online for all of us to see? Never mind.

I’m Sure Deepika Briefed Ranveer Before Taking Her Perfect, “Insta-Worthy” Pic

This is the pic the couple posted on Instagram. I’m sure Deepika’s brief to Ranveer was, “Look at me like I’m everything you ever wanted, while I smile away showing off my dimples.” TBH, I would have done the same parr mera Ranveer hai kahan?

This Is How She Looked on Her First Anniversary and I Can’t Even Afford That Outfit and Jewellery for My Shaadi? Bahut Nainsaafi Hai

But honestly, how lucky are these celebrities? Deepika’s stylist must have sourced this outfit and jewellery from Sabyasachi and it will go back to his sales rack tomorrow.

Aahhh!! The Reason Why No Couple Photo Session Is Ever Complete Without “Look at Me Like Ranveer Looks at Deepika”

Did you notice how they are always colour coordinated? Look at their wedding pics and now this!

This Is That Pic That My Mom Will Show Me Every.Single.Time I Refuse to Pose on Stage With Family at Some Random Rishtedaar KI Shaadi Ka Function

Did you notice the uncle photobombing this hum saath saath hai pic? I think he has that look because he is feeling a bit underdressed. I don’t blame him though.

Did She Really Wake up Like This?

Imagine it’s 5 am and you have to wear that outfit and make-up and jewellery and style your hair? Okay, I really can’t picture this!

Wait, Is This the Same Outfit Deepika Wore for Her Chooda Ceremony?

*Googles Deepika Padukone chooda ceremony photos*

Yes, it is! Good to know that Deepika Padukone repeats her outfits too.

When the Camera Catches You Candid... Happens to Ranveer and Sr Bhavnani Too. TGIF!

I’m sure Mr Jagjit Singh Bhavnani will not appreciate this picture. Ranveer definitely doesn’t, the look on his face says it all. On a more serious note, capturing photos of people eating should be declared a serious offence by law.

Actually, I’m actually not too sure if he was caught candid eating kada prasad or he is just yawning because it’s 5 am.

Did They Really Eat That Kada Prasad? That’s a Lot of Calories!

I think Anisha Padukone is eyeing the kada prasad in Deepika’s hand. My sibling and I used to fight for (more of) it all the time. If you’ve ever had the prasad at the Golden Temple, you’ll know what I mean.

Ritika Bhavnani Is Just Like Me, Shuts Her Eyes Just When the Camera Clicks

Are you scrolling up to see the pic of the family at Tirupati? You should if you aren’t.

Careful, Deepika! I Hope You Didn’t Drop One of Those Really Expensive Rings in the Sarovar?!

Also, please notice the man on the left. He has that expression that says, “YES! I finally got a pic with DeepVeer”

Chalo... Rab Rakha!

Rab ne bana di jodi IRL.

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