Stars, Planets & More: Google Doodle Celebrates Space Exploration

This is how Google celebrated Children’s Day today. 

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The latest Google Doodle celebrates space exploration

This Children’s Day, Google is celebrating space exploration.

The best part?

It has been created by Mumbai’s Ms. Pingla Rahul More, winner of the 2018 Google 4 Doodle competition, from India. A student of J B Vachha High School, her doodle-"Galaxy, Space Exploration”- competed with 5 other finalists’.

The doodle won over 300,000 votes.
The doodle won over 300,000 votes.
(Photo: Google)
The doodle’s theme was centred around ‘what inspires me’ and Ms. More’s doodle shows faraway stars, planets, and galaxies. There is also a child looking at the sky which is filled with celestial bodies and twinkling stars.

Pingla in her statement, after the win, said:

“In my Doodle, I demonstrated what inspires me. I am extremely inspired by the Space Exploration as there is so much more to know about our Universe -- from planets to stars to galaxies and beyond. It is inspiring to learn how small we are, and how small our problems are, in the grand scheme of things. To convey my idea, I drew myself trying to see the expanse of the space through a telescope, I created galaxies, planets and spacecraft to represent the vastness of things in space. (carefully arranged to represent each letter in the Google logo).”
Pingla Rahul More, Google Doodle 2018 India winner

The winners were chosen by renowned artist Arun Iyer, YouTube Kids creator Harun Robert, YouTuber Sejal Kumar and Google Doodles team lead Ryan Germick. Ms. More received 300,000 votes in total that put her in the lead!

India celebrates Children’s Day on November 14 as a tribute to the first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru who was born on this day in 1889.

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