Brutal! Man Caught Beating His Mother Bloody
What a horrific incident. (Photo Courtesy: Facebook/<a href="">Kundan Srivastava</a>)
What a horrific incident. (Photo Courtesy: Facebook/Kundan Srivastava)

Brutal! Man Caught Beating His Mother Bloody

In yet another case of brutal inhumanity, a man was filmed beating his mother mercilessly. The incident was reported in Shahdara area of New Delhi.

According to a Facebook post that is going viral, the mother had filled a case against her son but due to pressure from her family, she was forced to withdraw it.

The post has been garnering tremendous response, yet people are unable to understand the reasons behind such wrath. It seems like a classic case of pent-up frustration and brutality.

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Let’s hope that the son gets the treatment he deserves in the hands of the judiciary and the police and that his mother recovers soon.

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