‘Can’t Repay Parents’ Debt,’ Says Badass Bengali Bride
The bold and beautiful bride.
The bold and beautiful bride.(Screengrabs from the viral video)

‘Can’t Repay Parents’ Debt,’ Says Badass Bengali Bride

This Bengali bride, challenging age-old traditions, is the latest addition to viral social media videos. She’s shattering stereotypes and she’s not your regular ‘demure bride’.

The video starts with the ‘Kanakanjali’ ritual, where as the bride steps out, she throws a handful of rice over her head – a gesture signifying that she has repaid all her debts to her mother. While performing this ritual, she says one can never repay one’s parent’s debts.

A big’ol ‘buri ladkisalaam to you!

While leaving the house, she poses for the cameras, bids a cheerful goodbye to her parents and promises to visit any time she wants!

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The footage has been shared widely on social media and the newlywed has garnered praise for speaking out her mind.

Here’s looking at the last badass bride who took our breath away:

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