Meet the New and Upcoming ‘Kher’ Sensation – #DulariRocks
Anupam Kher with his mother
Anupam Kher with his mother(Photo: Insatgram/ Anupam Kher)

Meet the New and Upcoming ‘Kher’ Sensation – #DulariRocks

Do you remember the time you tried to convince your parents or grandparents to use a hearing aid? Or when they try to explain something to you that they have no clarity about? Or the innumerable doubts that they have when you try to explain technology to them?

We all have these little moments with our loved ones and at times, their innocence and perseverance make us laugh so hard that nothing ever could. Veteran actor Anupam Kher has these moments too with his mother, Dulari, and the hilarious videos that he keeps on posting, have made Dulari Kher a social media sensation.

From calling him ganjoo, to getting upset at the tiniest of things, #DulariRocks strikes a cord with each one of us, and always manages to bring a smile on our faces.

It all started in 2017, when Anupam Kher posted snippets of his conversations with his mother on social media, and people showed their love to Dulari.

Soon, #DulariRocks became a famous hashtag, and the anticipation to hear from Kher’s mom grew more and more.

Here are some of the gems:

Mom doesn’t want hearing aids!

When you tell your mom that you are not hungry...

Her words the final!

Mommy knows she rocks!

Tu Ganja kyu hai?

When she wants JUST THAT!

Some of you might remember the day when Anupam Kher got a home for his mother in Shimla. The smile on her face is something that is beyond measure.

Here’s how Dulari reacted to her gaining social media popularity:

And here’s just some everyday shenanigans!

In the video below, Kher talks about how he loves the attention his mother is getting and how it has become a medium for him to waive off the weight of being the “Anupam Kher”.

The impeccable bond that this duo shares makes us all so nostalgic and cherish our loved ones!

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