Mangoes and Memes! PM Modi-Akshay Interaction Has Twitter Talking
PM Modi meets Akshay Kumar. 
PM Modi meets Akshay Kumar. (Photo courtesy: Twitter)

Mangoes and Memes! PM Modi-Akshay Interaction Has Twitter Talking

On Tuesday night, Akshay Kumar on Twitter declared that he had recorded a candid, informal and freewheeling chat with PM Narendra Modi which would give an insight into certain lesser known facts about him.

The interview went live at 9 AM on news agency ANI’s official site with multiple other publications also live streaming it.

Akshay Kumar chatted with the PM on a range of topics, none political, of course.

The conversation topics ranged from if the PM ate mangoes to if he has seen memes about himself online.

Twitter had a lot to say about the interview. Some tweets were funny. Others critical, while some showered praise.

The Funny Ones

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Akshay Kumar Criticised for Interview

Twitter remained critical of the interview. Some calling it “laughable” and “hilarious”.

A Twitter user called the interview a plot to compensate after three phases.

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Chowkidars Shower Praise

Many accounts, most of them with Chowkidar as a prefix, started praising the interview as well. They were few and rare, but still there.

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