Things You Can Do Instead of  Wasting Your Time Trolling Malaika
Things You Can Do Instead of  Wasting Your Time Trolling Malaika
(Photo: Instagram/MalaikaAroraKhan)

Things You Can Do Instead of  Wasting Your Time Trolling Malaika

Dear fam’, we need to address an urgent issue.

It is the utter state of joblessness and velapanti rampant in the country right now.

Its most glaring example can be seen in the comments section of Instagram profiles of Indian celebrities.

These people diss celebs, troll them, but at the same time, reward them with their valuable time.

In today’s edition, we will tell you how Malaika Arora’s Instagram posts on Thanksgiving gave heartburn to some.

Everything from Malaika’s choice of dress, to her celebrating ‘Thanksgiving’, to her dating life were considered fair game.

FYI, everyone has the freedom to celebrate whatever they want to. People celebrate their dogs’ birthdays too, for Chrissake!

To our dear ‘trolls’: guys, if you may dislike someone intensely, have serious problems with the way they conduct their life, why are you handing out YOUR ATTENTION to them so easily? It only increases the celebrity’s marketability and does literally nothing for you.

Here’s what you can do the next time you want to waste your time trolling a celebrity instead:

  • Just go for a walk and cool off your head. Come back with a refreshed mind and channel your aggression to solve the biggest problems confronting you at the moment.
  • Start writing a novel/script/poem/joke to spend your time more constructively.
  • Before calling a celebrity “buddha” or “buddhi”, arrange for a time travel machine for yourself so you are safe from the perils of ageing, while you can continue shaming them.

Guys, please get on with this plan soon, so we too can get a break from doing stories like this!

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