Girlfriends of India Are Finally Getting Their Due Via This Man
Meet the man who has started a revolution.
Meet the man who has started a revolution.(Photo: Altered by The Quint)

Girlfriends of India Are Finally Getting Their Due Via This Man

Not all heroes wear capes. Some, like IAS topper Kanishak Kataria, simply thank their girlfriends publicly after a big win.

Kataria, 26, who topped the civil services exam this year, did the unthinkable, when he thanked his girlfriend on National TV for her moral support. By doing the radical act of acknowledging her humanity at the same time as his parents’, Kataria will certainly go down in history as an icon for the rights of girlfriends.

Although this is literally the bare minimum that a boyfriend can do, social media was quick to hail him as a hero. Sample this.

A Historic Moment for Desi Girlfriends?

That the bare minimum effort of a man has been hailed as revolutionary, just goes to show how little is expected from desi boyfriends in general. However, rumors are rife that fueled by their unhealthy spirit of one-upmanship, men are now trying hard to keep up with this Kataria!

Girlfriends: No Longer a Frivolous Distraction?

Another reason why I say we have now entered a new golden era for girlfriends, is that they are now going to be seen as something beyond a frivolous being and a distraction.

If even a civil services topper can achieve success while having a girlfriend, so can overworked, over-stressed corporate workers, who are usually heard telling their girlfriends they don’t have time to invest in and nurture their relationships.

And whether you are an ordinary woman, or a movie star, chances are if you a desi girlfriend, this distraction ilzaam has been accorded to you at least once in your life.

Remember how Anushka Sharma was trolled for Virat’s poor performance when they were still seeing each other?

While on the other hand, if the guy is a padhaaku (studious) type, his parents will tell him that his girlfriend is a distraction, as though she is PUBG, or a Netflix subscription.

Girlfriends Getting an Image Makeover?

Kataria’s public acknowledgment could well be a starting point in improving the image of the desi girlfriend. Because otherwise, she, a fully grown human, is dismissed as pachas crore ki girlfriend. While in movies, she is portrayed as a greedy, selfish vixen. Cue Pyaar Ka Punchnama. Some overly dramatic types also label the girlfriend of the ghar ka chirag as a ‘witch’ of sorts who has entangled the beta/bhai in her jaal.

If only she could trap Roger Federer like that!

But guys, looks like the times are now changing. The girlfriend of the high-functioning, grown ass Indian man is finally going to get her due. Courtesy the man, Kanishak Kataria!

And so, it is indeed a proud moment for all girlfriends of India, who earlier had to do the thankless job of providing emotional and moral support to their boyfriends, but were still relegated to the shadows. And the only time the desi girlfriend officially qualified to be publicly thanked, was when she became a wife (which for some strange reason, was considered a social promotion)!

So, here’s what I firmly believe and advocate: that even if it takes publicly rewarding men for committing microscopic acts of affection, by all means, we should do it. Make them all heroes, social media stars. Give them fame, social creds, whatever they want. Because only then can all the men be enticed to do better in their relationships!

Meanwhile the girlfriends of India can be heard singing to themselves, apna time aa gaya!

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