Who Looks Like the Better Indian This Holi? We Couldn’t Tell

Who Looks Like the Better Indian This Holi? We Couldn’t Tell


Illustrations: Yagya Sachdeva
Creative Producer: Puneet Bhatia
Badsha Ray, Cyrus John, Divyani Rattanpal, Yagya Sachdeva
Urmi Bhattacheryya, Rahul Sanpui, Badsha Ray

We Indians love a good argument with each other, and these animated Indians are no exception. But no matter what we sound like, every one looks the same with a serious splashing of colour. This Holi, meet Holi the leveller, the big equaliser who paints everyone in the same set of colours, no matter who you are or what you think, or how much better you think you are than the next Indian.

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When Animated Arguments Meet Holi

A bunch of argumentative Indians find themselves in some pretty animated arguments only to be unexpectedly interrupted by flying colours. Bura Na Mano Holi Hai!

First a sarkari babu, and a prosperous businessmen are stopped in the middle of their tiff about who is more entitled than whom, and who has ‘looted that the country’ more. Next, an aunty and a young woman have a hearty face-off about who’s attitude is more damaging to India’s image and sanskaar, and then two friends disagree on whether or not the national anthem before movies is a true sign of patriotism.

Next, at the train station comes the inevitable debate over national politics, when some unexpected colours arrive. Another animated argument interrupted by flying Holi colours. Now, can you spot the differences between these Indians?

On Holi, anything can happen. Even people with completely different views can end up looking exactly the same when splashed with colour. Colours that, even if just for a day, make our differences disappear.

It is what we sound like versus what we look like on Holi 2019. Watch till the end for a feel-good splash of colour that will bring a smile to your face. May this year’s festival of colours bring us together, especially with those people with whom we argue the most.

Happy Holi, and may the good in us triumph over all else.

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