Panpompar: A Short Film on Kashmir You Need to Watch Right Now

Panpompar: A Short Film on Kashmir You Need to Watch Right Now


Panpompar is a short film by Archana Phadke and Avani Rai, which was initially set in Maharashtra. However, it eventually found its context when the story was moved to Kashmir. With little or no money to make the film, the team started scouting for their child actors in schools and found their Nowsheen and Ahsan. With a limited crew of 5 people, Panpompar was shot in 5 days without the children having to miss their school. “Out of the 10 days we were in Srinagar, there was curfew on 2 days, which challenged our idea of freedom, us coming from Mumbai,” says director Phadke, “I truly believe that the children made the film. Their playfulness, warm smiles and innocence would always keep us energised.”

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Synopsis of Panpompar:

The first time she meets him in the park, little Nowsheen looks at the larva with wonder in her eyes – it is precariously poised on a leaf, much like the innocent fledglings of her own land. There are no wings; there is only a wriggling hope for the young one. She must keep it safe in her bell jar.

Nowsheen has already lost her mother, who is all but a living ghost in the house now.

And then, there is her brother Ahsan, the only one who makes her smile – will he make it to the wondrous lake Wular with the legend across the tallest mountain? Will the larva find its wings? Or will the innocent forever suffer the consequences of an irresolvable conflict?

A film by Archana Phadke and Avani Rai

Director: Archana Phadke
Director of Photography: Avani Rai
Creative Director: Avani Rai
Story: Archana Phadke
Screenplay: Archana Phadke, Avani Rai, Rahul Desai
Music: Shane Mendonsa
Sound Design: Piyush Shah
Editor: Archana Phadke
Additional Editor: Shefai Jamwal
Associate Producer: Shahnawaz Bhat
Dialogue Translations: Shahnawaz Bhat
Cast: Nowsheen Bakshi, Ahsaan Zahoor Wani, Nusrat Shafi Bakshi
A Avani Rai and Archana Phadke Production

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