Lilly Singh Raps The Daily News Inspired by Eminem and Drake
Lilly Singh’s New Video “If rappers were news reporters”. 
Lilly Singh’s New Video “If rappers were news reporters”. (Photo: YouTube/Lilly Singh)

Lilly Singh Raps The Daily News Inspired by Eminem and Drake

Lilly Singh, as we know, is the unprecedented bawse of YouTube. Despite cracking a once-in-a-lifetime deal with NBC, where she’ll soon be headlining her very own talk show, her devotion towards her loyal fan base on YouTube is still strong and probably more than ever before.

Known for her observational and topical sense of humour, she recently dropped a video called “If rappers were news reporters”. She impersonated rappers like Eminem, Drake, Cardi B and Migos, narrating, “everything’s that’s wrong with the world”.

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Now this isn’t the first time that our home girl’s flaunting her impeccable rapping skills. Her previous videos “If rappers were school teachers” and “If Bollywood songs were rap” have also heavily impressed the internet.

However since her new video is the ultimate homage to these legendary rappers, her writing was also influenced by the style of these rappers. Which is what makes this video ever so nuanced.

Rapper Eminem, who’s known for his no-filter take on the world, is given the perfect spin-off in Lilly’s video where she uses his style of rapping to give a lowdown on world news.

With Drake giving us the weather report, Cardi B ‘spilling the T’ on Hollywood and Migos updating us on the traffic, this entire video should just not be applauded for its writing but even for the way she played all the characters, keeping in mind all the tiny details.

Guess that’s what makes her such a brilliant comedian!

Still from Lilly Singh’s video
Still from Lilly Singh’s video
Photo Courtesy : YouTube Screengrab/Lilly Singh

Those who’ve heard their music will truly enjoy this video, for it’s full of references and even the spoofing doesn’t seem forced AT ALL.

Lilly has always been an ardent supporter of many social issues and voiced her opinions in multiple creative ways. After she took a break from YouTube last year, she’s only come back stronger and her content has elevated itself exponentially.

We can’t wait to see all the other tricks she’s got up her sleeves for her future adventures!

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