Toodles To The World Record Holding Egg: Tera Time Aagaya?

Toodles To The World Record Holding Egg: Tera Time Aagaya?


One month into 2019 and I’m ‘EGG’hausted already! However, this time what’s making my blood BOIL is not a person or even an animal, it’s an egg!

On 4th January 'world_record_egg', an account on Instagram released a photo of an egg on a mission to break the internet. Well, all I want is to break is THIS egg on a hot pan. Seriously guys? An egg? That’s all it takes to trend?

The cult following the account call themselves the 'Egg Gang’ and the account creator is soon launching merchandise for the same.


Once again the internet has me SHELL shocked!

This account’s claim to fame is a picture of a raw egg. Honestly I don’t have anything against eggs. I am a strong believer in the “Sunday ho ya Monday roz khao andey” lifestyle. However, what scares me is what’s next after the egg. Imagine waking up to a trending Tori or a viral kaddu

We get all decked up, search for that perfect angle, light and after about 7000 trials we wind up with that one good picture. After brainstorming and putting all your best friends to the mission of finding the perfect caption, we feel that we've done a good job. But NO! An egg will just casually walk into your feed and single handedly bring down all your hard work.

Which is why, Toodles Pyaare Ande...I know your popularity is no ‘yolk’ but I won’t let you ‘poach’ the likes I deserve!

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