Why is Sara Ali Khan Everyone’s New Favourite? 

Sara, please take ‘sassy’ as your middle name. This word was made for you! 

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Sara Ali Khan has been in the news for her upcoming movie releases...sure. Two films in the same month - Kedarnath and Simmba! But if you haven’t taken note of her interviews, then please do. Sara may not care about my two cents but she’s already making it to the top of the list of our favourites in B-Town. She’s not even a movie old and we are in awe of how articulate she is.

The media and the stars may share a love-hate relationship but Sara’s calm and self-assured demeanour is enough to convince them that she’s a pro-in-the-making! Her composure belies any signs of nervousness.

Here are some things she said in her interviews which really hit home.

When Sara Said Everyone in the Family Is Weird

“I am not weird? Okay, wait till this interview gets done with,” says Sara in an interview with Anupama Chopra. Sara, in all her interviews so far has been successful in giving a glimpse into the person she is and the people around her. She narrates an incident when a friend visited her and said, “Now it all makes sense.” Can you imagine a house where her mother Amrita Singh is sitting with a parrot on her shoulder, which goes, “Kaaaaaa!” in Sara’s words. She’s definitely got her charm in place if she can make the host laugh endlessly with the stories she’s narrating on a talk show.

Imagine Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh having a kid and that kid is me and of course I am weird. They are both weird. We are all weird.  
Sara Ali Khan on Koffee With Karan 6

When She Has a Total IDGAF to How I Am Looking

What’s extremely endearing about Sara Ali Khan is that at 25 years of age, she’s self-aware. When asked whether she looks at online comments and gets affected by them, Sara nonchalantly replies, “No.”

And why not? “Arre nahi karna yaar. Thak gayi aj!” - is her simple reaction. Let’s say, young girls today must totes take inspiration from Sara to have that attitude. Not just that, she even reads and accepts some of the comments that are written for her on social media.

I was wearing a cap and someone said she looks like a clown and I thought it was funny.
A still from one of Sara Ali Khan’s interviews. 
A still from one of Sara Ali Khan’s interviews. 
(Photo: Screenshot/YouTube) 

Reacting to one of the comments which goes something like, “Ya toh salwar kameez ya toh adnangi ghumti hai,” she says it’s true!

I am not going to deck up every time I leave the house because I am also a normal person.  

When Her Social Media Behaviour Affirmed She’s Just Like Us

We’re all guilty of relentlessly tracking someone on social media. We’re all also guilty of having liked random pictures on Insta. But how many public figures are okay with revealing the fact that they are on a social media platform under a ‘fake’ name?

But Sara doesn’t take inspiration from other actors when it comes to ‘social media skills’.

In a chat with Anupama Chopra, Sara revealed how she has a fake Instagram profile which she uses to like pictures of some “models” and all.

Love Her or Hate Her, She’s a Nerd

No matter how hard Rajeev Masand tried to get her to say that her education is unrelated, and she could have made better use of an acting course, Sara Ali Khan held her ground on how her education is an integral part of the person she is today. Like most Indian parents, it seems like Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh were conventional enough to make sure she gets a good education.

Being an educated person gives you confidence, then it gives you a little bit of eloquence. It also teaches you how to live on your own.

I don’t know about you, but it was damn refreshing to see an actor talk about the importance of a good education!

When She Made Us Crack up Because She’s so #Unfiltered

Sara is a mine of fun stories. She has zero issues in saying she had PCOD and no ‘effs’ to give about weight issues. Even though she might have gotten a little embarrassed when Karan showed the viewers of national television, a clip where he she enacted, what she called a “delusional” scene. She still thinks she was -- “killing it”!

Ever heard an actor break into, “Bad question to ask Sara. Sara doesn't know how to answer such questions.” Well Sara does! If you haven’t noticed already, she has some really cool one liners to share as well.

It runs in the family and the genes...even if the jeans don’t fit you.
I think Kareena would have had a nervous breakdown if I called her choti ma. 

Well, Sara’s done a great job with her off-screen image, now let’s wait for her two massive releases (almost back-to-back).

We'll get through this! Meanwhile, here's all you need to know about the Coronavirus outbreak to keep yourself safe, informed, and updated.

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