If Disney Princesses Were Real They Would Look A Lot Like This
Disney princess’ mascara massacre 
Disney princess’ mascara massacre Photo Courtesy : Instagram/Andhika Muksin

If Disney Princesses Were Real They Would Look A Lot Like This

We’ve all grown up watching the perfect, always righteous Disney princesses. With hair that always looks salon quality, flawless skin and doe-like eyes, setting unattainable standards of beauty for girls all around the world.

Knowing that a Disney Princess is mostly a fictional creation has rarely hindered these young girls who aim to look like them. But Graphic Designer, Andhika Muksin is shattering these perspectives by humanizing these seemingly perfect women.

Andhika describes herself as someone who ‘alters stuff’ she ‘finds on the internet.’ Her recent work is editing images of Disney princesses and in return showcase a more “IRL” version of them. These have resulted in the emergence of some super creative threads on Twitter. Have a look!

One thread curated by Twitter user Theresa Orellana stands out for it’s truly creative way of calling out Disney’s ridiculous standards of beauty.

This thread which is titled ‘If Disney Princesses had real life reactions’ aptly portrays the no-filter and brutally honest reactions that these Disney princesses should most likely have had in these movies.

Each image is curated to show the original scene involving the Disney Princess with the altered image underneath. And mind you some of these are just pure GOLD!

Twitters users have been commending the artist for her brilliant and comical take on these films, even going as far as to call her work, ‘genius.’

Many companies have played an integral part in establishing these absurd standards of beauty for women, and much has been written and said about it. However, Andhika’s thread probably works so well with her audience, because joking about this issue delivers the message more effectively. It also truly challenges the perception we hold in our minds about how a ‘perfect woman’ should look like.

Socially informative artwork like this communicates to young women an important lesson, which is to not feel the pressure to be ever graceful or perfect. To become comfortable in your skin and secure with your beauty.

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