6 Things Celebrities Should Learn From Diljit Dosanjh

A true hero indeed.

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Diljit Dosanjh at Farmers Delhi Chalo Protests: 6 Things Celebs Should Learn From Diljit Dosanjh

Sure, his tweets may be in Punjabi, but Diljit Dosanjh has definitely stolen hearts of people across the country. Not just because he called out a certain social media bully that everyone had had enough of, but also because of the way in which he has stood by the cause he believes in. Diljit’s recent act of solidarity towards the farmers’ protesting in Delhi has made us question how celebrities hold the power to influence opinion and yet, they seldom make good use of it.

While there are many that refuse to let go of their diplomacy, there are few others like Diljit too - Swara Bhasker, Richa Chadha, Anurag Kashyap, Javed Akhtar (and more) have time and again spoken up on important issues. But for the most part, celebs prefer to keep mum and Diljit has made us realise why that's not okay.

So here are some important lessons for celebrities and influencers out there:

1. Make Use of Your Blue Tick

Unlike most verified celebrities with thousands and millions of followers, Diljit uses his social media following and influence not just for his personal gain, but also to inform and educate people. Sure, sometimes he also uses it to fangirl over Kylie Jenner, but hey, I’m sure none of us is taking offence over that anymore. With over 10 million followers on Instagram and 4 million followers on Twitter, Diljit knows that a single tweet/story by him can travel far and wide and at a time like this, he's made use of that!

6 Things Celebrities Should Learn From Diljit Dosanjh
Photo: Twitter (@diljitdosanjh)

2. Stand up for What You Believe In, Fearlessly

6 Things Celebrities Should Learn From Diljit Dosanjh
Photo: Instagram (@diljitdosanjh)

Unlike most celebrities, Diljit has made his stand very clear about the whole situation. He is unapologetically standing by something he truly believes in and is fighting for the same. Not only that, he showed his solidarity by actually participating in the protests at Singhu border and continues to provide support in every way he can.

3. Don't Just Be a Keyboard Warrior

6 Things Celebrities Should Learn From Diljit Dosanjh
Photo: Instagram (@diljitdosanjh)

Diljit isn't just a keyboard warrior. It's easy to just sit at home and tweet your support. Diljit, however, has made it a point to show his support. Aside from actually participating in the protests, Diljit also donated Rs 1 cr for the cause with the intention of providing blankets and other materials to farmers protesting in the chilly winters of Delhi at this time. If this doesn't show solidarity, nothing else does.

4. Fight The Bully

Diljit fought the bully and how! It's probably the highlight of everyone’s week. When Kangana Ranaut spoke against farmers, Diljit did not hesitate in pointing out how wrong she was, and how she had been constantly spewing hate online. Diljit didn't think twice before calling Kangana out for her uninformed and offensive comments and that's exactly how one should be.

5. Criticise, But Don’t Offend

6 Things Celebrities Should Learn From Diljit Dosanjh
Photo: Twitter (@pussyriottt)

While Diljit did call out Kangana, in no way did he offend or insult her. His comebacks weren't misogynistic or sexist. He stuck to the point and criticised her for what she said wrong without getting too personal. While a user on Twitter pointed this out and said it was the bare minimum, it still deserves some appreciation since we all know how ugly online feuds can get.

6. Acknowledge (And Use) Your Privilege

This is mostly seen during nepotism debates where celebrities talk about how they used their privilege to get where they are and how there’s nothing wrong with it. While this statement is true, it does have hints of moral superiority in it. Here, it is only important to acknowledge that you are privileged; making use of it or not is secondary.

When celebrities like Diljit do their part in society by donating or even so much as showing up at protest sites, it makes a lot of difference to the way people view situations and influences public opinion too. The fact they used the very thing they are criticised for (their privilege) for something positive has a whole different impact altogether.

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