Queer Eye: Reminder That India Can Never Have a Good Makeover Show

Why can’t we have a makeover show like ‘Queer Eye’ in India?

Published09 Jun 2020, 10:42 AM IST
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It’s the Pride Month.

And what could be better than Netflix-ing and watching Queer Eye when you can’t go out and attend a Pride Parade. The fifth season of Queer Eye is out and honestly, if you haven’t watched it, you must get to it NOW. For those who have already binged the fifth season, I have good news for you.

To someone who doesn’t know about the show, Queer Eye may come across as just another makeover show. But what makes this show such a massive hit and a favourite of millions around the world?

This Netflix series has the Fab 5 - Tan, Karamo, Jonathan, Bobby and Antoni. Karamo Brown is a culture and lifestyle guru, Jonathan Van Ness takes care of grooming and hair, Antoni Porowski brings some flair to the kitchen, Tan France sorts the wardrobe and Bobby Berk helps with interior design.

Watching Queer Eye is fulfilling especially because of how carefully the showrunners choose the people who need some sort of intervention. There are people of all races, age groups, sexuality - there’s no boundary. But have we had a show like Queer Eye in India?

The only show that comes slightly close to Queer Eye is Karan Johar’s What The Love? With Karan Johar. The show was set up with a different premise. One of finding love but I would say Karan Johar was trying to be quite like Karamo in the show.

What’s beautiful about Queer Eye is the sensitivity with which the Fab 5 go about the makeover.

A Karan Johar makeover is telling people, “If you want people to fall in love with you, you’ve got to look good.” The Fab 5 version of makeover is, “You’ve got to love yourself!”

JVN’s All About Gorgeous

My personal favourite on the show is Jonathan Van Ness. JVN is like a cuddly cute person with a big halo of positivity around. We know that JVN is all about grooming and hair on the show, but not once have we seen JVN reprimand a single person on the show. He is all about, “You’re gorgeous, honey.”

Queer Eye: Reminder That India Can Never Have a Good Makeover Show
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JVN’s approach is boosting confidence and telling them what makes them different from others. When you’re on a makeover show, you don’t want to be treated like how your ‘parlour wala didi’ would talk to you.

Tan France Hates Capris

“Women of the world, if you see a pair of capri pants...RUN,” says Tan France in an episode of Queer Eye. I still remember it to this day.

Queer Eye: Reminder That India Can Never Have a Good Makeover Show
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Now Tan is the fashion guy but remembers to say things with caution. When he looks at changing someone’s wardrobe, it’s a collaborative effort where he draws from their personal sense of style and lifts it.

When he is convincing people to try a look, he’ll throw in words like, “As shallow as it may sound...” and trust me they make all the difference.

Antoni’s Food Finesse

If there’s one thing Antoni reaches for the moment he reaches their house, it’s the refrigerator. More often than not, he finds frozen foods and a stale dish covered with moulds. Does it smell it? 7 out of 10 times.

Queer Eye: Reminder That India Can Never Have a Good Makeover Show
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In India, of course, we have the benefit of helping hands when it comes to food and cleanliness. But it was after watching Antoni talk about a freshly cooked meal, I realised that food habits say a lot about how much you have in control when it comes to your life. And Antoni is a man with a mission. He will cook with you and make sure you remember it for life. Not just that, he will make sure you understand the importance of putting a meal on the table.

Bobby’s Magic Touch

Bobby is the design guy and we all know the difference a clean, newly renovated space can make in anyone’s life. It’s almost like he starts taking notes the moment he enters a space and meets the person. Much like Tan, Bobby tries to renovate spaces according to what someone can maintain and keep up.

Queer Eye: Reminder That India Can Never Have a Good Makeover Show
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He’ll let people pick out the wallpapers, crockery to get a sense of what they like. Like a sweetheart, he’ll tell you why they must crash in their bedroom and not the living room sofa and effectively link it with their goals in life. He’ll tell them why their ex-wife’s clothes hanging in their bedroom closet is not a healthy relationship and all just to add those touches to their personality.

Heal with Karamo

Karamo loves a good wig and a good talk. He reaches the part of a person that you can’t see. He tries to understand the culture, feelings and does the therapy talk by understanding the person’s fears. Karamo comes in like a healer, a binding force, a messenger and all those good things.

Queer Eye: Reminder That India Can Never Have a Good Makeover Show
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Queer Eye is wholesome. It’s a well-rounded show with the ethos of making a stronger you. They have a non-judgmental approach which is all about resurrecting self-esteem and some stories will truly leave you teary-eyed.

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