I Watched ‘Bigg Boss’ for the First Time and Here’s What I Thought


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I Watched ‘Bigg Boss’ for the Very First Time and Here’s What I Thought

I’ve always wondered why are people so crazy about keeping up with Bigg Boss?

To be honest with you, I watched this show for the very first time on Sunday, 25 October, and I regret spending my day like that! Read ahead if you wanna know why.

So, I started with Bigg Boss season 14, the 22nd day of the season. The show kicked off with Salman Khan recapping the previous episode like it's the most important piece of news in the world right now.

I obviously had no clue what was going on but..

I gathered that a certain Jasmine’s performance from that week was being assessed. Although it felt like she was assessing it herself instead of Salman Khan because she just wouldn't stop talking about herself.

Like, can you stay quiet and wait for your turn to speak, miss? You are not the boss here!
I Watched ‘Bigg Boss’ for the First Time and Here’s What I Thought
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Even when Salman Khan asked Rubina, who I assumed was Jasmine’s close friend, to give her point of view on Jasmine's shortcomings and performance - Jasmine being overtly enthusiastic didn’t let Rubina speak and just hogged the spotlight herself.

Ironically, according to Rubina, Jasmine’s shortcoming was not being able to speak and take a stand for the contestants in the BB house..

Cluelessly, I watched ahead and suddenly, the episode introduced three new housemates – Kavita Kaushik, Naina Singh and Shardul Pandit – who entered the show as wild card entries.

Does the house *really* need more people?
I Watched ‘Bigg Boss’ for the First Time and Here’s What I Thought

The trio interacted with Khan on stage who gave a glimpse of what one can expect from them on the show.

Salman praised Kavita for her portrayal of Inspector Chandramukhi Chautala in the show FIR.

Salman said he is a fan of her acting and she is the best on-screen female cop. The equivalent of the small talk my parents force me to do at family gatherings.

I don’t wanna be rude.. but I honestly didn’t know anyone except Kavita so I don’t understand why I should care at all but here we are..

Salman then spoke to Naina Singh. She was nervous and excited as she spoke about how she had thought of finding love in the Bigg Boss house, but she felt disappointed with the kind of male contestants on the show.

I think she’s stumbled on the wrong show, this is Bigg Boss, not Indian Matchmaking!

Moving on, Salman Khan assigned a task to Shardul Pandit where the latter had to pretend that Bigg Boss was a zoo and assign animal names to the contestants.

At this point, I can literally tell that the makers of the show have completely run out of ideas..
I Watched ‘Bigg Boss’ for the First Time and Here’s What I Thought

While Shardul said Nikki Tamboli is a crow, he identified Rubina Dilaik as a hyena and Pavitra Punia as a wildcat.

(I promise I'm not making this up)

Honestly, in that moment, all I could think of was how my online lectures (which I struggle to get through) have better content than what I was watching on screen..

Eijaz Khan and Pavitra Punia were extremely excited to know that Kavita Kaushik and Shardul Pandit were going to be part of the show.

'Bigg Boss' knows how to create drama..

The housemates were then asked to vote for one contestant they wanted to see in the Red Zone of the house.

I Watched ‘Bigg Boss’ for the First Time and Here’s What I Thought
Although the beginning was engaging. By this time, I felt like I was half asleep and things were just becoming a blob of blur.

I've spent my whole life hating on Bigg Boss but now at least I can't say that I didn't give it a shot.

I tried okay, but I could seriously feel my brain cells dying by the minute as I watched full-grown adults fighting and arguing.

I know the show is essentially about drama but I also don’t understand what fun do people derive from watching randos fight on screen?

Honestly guys, GET A HOBBY.

I Watched ‘Bigg Boss’ for the First Time and Here’s What I Thought

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