I Browsed Through Alia Bhatt’s YouTube Channel and Got...Nothing
If you’re Alia Bhatt, anything on YouTube is ‘content’.
If you’re Alia Bhatt, anything on YouTube is ‘content’.(Photo: Altered by The Quint)

I Browsed Through Alia Bhatt’s YouTube Channel and Got...Nothing

Alia Bhatt is quite a star. From her acting to her charm, she has the young and the old impressed. And now you get to see more of her. Her Instagram and the YouTube channel which she has recently started gives us a sneak peek into her life. You name it and she has done it. Workout videos, food videos, make up videos, stylist videos...but what’s missing? Na, not the views or the subscribers but good content.

I mean, in 2019 if a random person started a YT channel like that...they would have 15 subscribers. Okay let’s just be optimistic and say 150. But when you’re Alia Bhatt getting subscribers and views is a cakewalk. So, what works? Duh! It’s Alia! The only thing on Alia’s YT channel is Alia herself. And I guess... that’ why she hit a million subscribers just like...
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Alia Bhatt’s YouTube channel has about 12 videos and not even one video out of these is something that you haven’t seen before. Her channel that she started in June, 2019, has over a million subscribers. Any OG YouTuber looking at this growth is probably crying because a million subscribers come after a long...long... really long time and with a lot of content and regular frequency. Anyway, I decided to browse through her channel and there are some questions that I had that will probably go unanswered but let me ask them, because why not?

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Why Am I Learning How to Cook From a Person Who Is Entering the Kitchen for the First Time? Or so It Seems?

And there isn’t just one video.

My favourite part about the video is how she didn’t know that mustard seeds crackle or that she couldn’t lift a pan which was probably lighter than the weights she lifts in the gym.

*ye bohot heavy hai pan* 
*ye bohot heavy hai pan* 
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But, of course, am I going to try these recipes? Yes, the day my lazy ass decides to go out and buy groceries because I don’t have a Carol or Dilip to help me out or take care of my house.

PS - If I were to quiz Alia on the ingredients that went into those recipes, you’ll forget the Koffee With Karan faux pas.

One point take away from this video - Alia’s favourite adventure sport is cooking.

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When I Get Time off From Work, I Sleep and Alia Does a Q&A. #Idon’trelate

“I am trying to keep the content as real and authentic as possible,” says Alia in this Q&A. Well, I have to give that to her. She is quite real. But I find it quite funny when celebrities (this is not just for Alia) sit in a Q&A session and talk about life advice, what makes the world beautiful and the likes. First, you live a very different life, Alia. There’s absolutely nothing even closely similar about our lives, not to discredit your hard work and struggles, but like a wise man once said, jahan humare sapne pure hote hai wahan inka struggle shuru hota hai.

But if you like cats and you like Alia, you’ll end up liking Alia a little less after this video. When someone asks her ‘What will she grab if her house was on fire?’, she says she’ll grab Edward (one of her cats).

But what about your other two cats, Alia?

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One take away from this video - Famous people can make money out of anything. I mean, this video has 1M+ views!

This Get Ready With Me Had the Least Information Ever!

Imagine if a makeup vlogger did a ‘get ready with me’ and didn’t tell you a single thing about the products she was using and how she was using them. And then imagine a ‘get ready with me with’ with a fashion vlogger and she tells you *nothing* about clothes or styling. Can you imagine this? No, not a problem- watch this video and you’ll know what I mean.

This particular video has 4M+ views. Why? Because it’s Alia and even though you get to know the most basic information about how celebrities get ready. MOST BASIC, I repeat, it works.

One point take away from here - I can never look like that because I don’t have an entourage of experts working on my makeup, hair, outfit, and pictures.

Cute But...Why?

If you know anything about YouTube, then you know that these YouTubers put in extra effort to set up their videos, they spend months scripting and structuring their content.

But hey hey hey, if you are a celebrity, you can just put a camera on and talk about anything random (with a seemingly interesting thumbnail) and tadaaa... 4 million views.

I looked at this thumbnail and I was happy because I expected her to talk about what she felt, how she decided to move to a different house and the actual process of setting up. But, it was not even 3 minutes long and it told me nothing about why, how and where.

One point take away - Even though I’m older than Alia Bhatt, I’m too poor to even afford a chawl in Mumbai.

Point being, if you’re Alia Bhatt, you can do anything and it will get millions of views.

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