Think There Are Certain Jobs Women Can’t Do? Watch This

Think There Are Certain Jobs Women Can’t Do? Watch This


Cameraperson: Sanjoy Deb
Video Editor: Veeru Krishan Mohan

What’s that one job a woman cannot do?

There is no job a woman can’t do. For ages, women have been pushing the societal boundaries and ‘breaking the glass ceiling’ by entering jobs that were traditionally only done by men. It’s true, we need to employ more and more of our Indian women but there are some who set an example for others to follow.

The moment you hear of a woman working as driver, a motor woman, a traffic police officer... you are are bound to be shocked/surprised and marvel at her for her courage.

Why? Because over the years, women have been kept confined in spaces and have been told that there is only a certain kind if job that they can pursue. So when a woman expresses her will to work, she’s told she can be a teacher, a bank officer etc.

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Most people think that any jobs that require strength cannot be done by women. But what about all the women who work on construction sites and help lift heavy materials?

The Quint met a few women who chose to do jobs usually done by men.

Priti Kumari is a motorman with Western Railways in Mumbai and says that she started doing this after marriage.

“I have my family’s full support because this is something you can’t do otherwise. It’s a tough job but I like it when people look surprised/shocked when I tell them what I do.”
Priti Kumari
“There’s nothing that women can’t do. In fact there are things that women do and men can never do.”
Divya Anil Shilke

So if you are someone who thinks that women cannot do certain kinds of jobs, watch this video and see for yourself how these women are breaking stereotypes and inspiring others around them to test their limits.

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