Wanna Talk Like A Gully Boy? Here’s How You Can

Wanna Talk Like A Gully Boy? Here’s How You Can


If you’ve recently taken to desi hip hop, I bet you don’t know what these words mean! But don’t you worry gully gang! We have you covered. Here’s a list of all those tapori Bombay slangs that you’re going to be hearing soon. So save your savage ass and mug them up .NOW.


1. Bantai

When my Delhi-self heard this word for the first time, I thought they affectionately called people around them “lime sodas”. No judging but in my head that sounded certified crazy. But obviously I was wrong, ‘bantai’ in Bombay actually means “Brother”. WOW. I DID NOT see that coming but it sounds super cool. You’re going to be hearing this word a lot. So dont forget to add bantai aka bro to your gully rap dictionary.

Photo Courtesy : The Quint

2. Chamdi

Now for any normal person ‘chamdi' means skin. But nu-uh, not in Bombay. In Bombay if you say chamdi, you mean pervert! Now wasn’t that educational? I bet you’re thanking me right now. So ladies next time you spot a pervert, you know what to say. “Yo chamdi, get outta here”!

3. Bummai

A longer nickname for Bombay. If you want to get those CORRECT tapori feels then don’t just say Bombay, say ‘bummai’!

Photo Courtesy : The Quint

4. Khopcha

A ‘khopcha’ is a corner or a secluded place where no one comes or goes. However everybody wants to take you there for different reasons. Ha!

Some use it to whisper romantic nothings to their sweethearts. While some use it to blackmail people by threatening them over being taken there in order to be beaten black and blue.

5. Ek Number

An adjective used to describe anything amazing. From a person to a thing, ‘ek number’ is the superlative of praise. So the next time you find yourself racking your brain for an appropriate compliment, just use “ek number”!

Photo Courtesy : The Quint

6. Pandu

‘Pandu’ is what you call a mama or a thulla in Delhi. If you haven’t guessed it yet, then your slang game is DEAD. A Pandu is a cop. Pro tip : Dare not call them that to their face!

7. Macchi Kadhak

I’m sure by now you know ‘macchi kadhak’ is not going to mean fish fry. Amateur hour is over. Macchi kadhak means “hot”. God I love Bombay. BECAUSE calling someone just hot is so mainstream and frankly BO-RING. Another cool addition to the gully vocab.

8. Khajoor/Khajoor Saala

In Mumbai, a ‘khajoor’ is not an exotic dry fruit but a slang used for someone who’s stupid. Often paired with the not-so-affectionate Saala, which in North India means brother in law. This is the point when you stop making sense of it. It’s desi slang. Don’t be a Khajoor.

Photo Courtesy : The Quint

9. Chappri

‘Chappri’ is Bambaiya slang for a garbage human being. Usually used for men (please no angry reacts). Chappri is that term you use for somebody who’s a wannabe ladies man, thinks he owns women and can be the poster boy for male chauvinism.

10. Hula hul

‘Hula Hul’ means showing off. We all know that someone who talks big game right? Well what they do is called “hula hul”! I bet you all will be doing hula hul about your gully rap vocab soon. Don't forget you read it here, okay? Nobody likes an Ahsaan Faramosh.

So there you go! Those were the top 10 words you must definitely know if you’re bobbing your head to gully boy songs. Enjoy using them and don’t forget to share this with your “bantais"

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