‘Veere Di Wedding’ is Way F***ing Real for These Veeres

‘Veere Di Wedding’ is Way F***ing Real for These Veeres


For these desi veeres, teetering towards the end of their 20s, with the talwar (sword) of marriage hanging over their heads, watching the movie Veere Di Wedding seemed like a leaf out of their own book. A story of four flawed women battling their anxieties, insecurities and issues, while simultaneously smashing all stereotypes of the ideal Indian girl. Hell, the masturbation scene enacted by Swara Bhasker will go down in history (okay, desi history) as one of the funniest masturbation scenes of all time.

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Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

A Kareena Kapoor voicing her concerns about marriage and its humungous expectations? Yes! A Swara reclaiming her sexuality in her marriage? Yes, yes! A Mother Dairy aka Shikha Talsania talking about the toll motherhood takes on a woman? Yes, yes, yes!

Meanwhile a Sonam, who is a successful lawyer but is still somehow ‘incomplete’ to her mother because she isn’t yet married? Sad, and yet, too close to home, no?

A Tale of a Khatti-Meethi Friendship

Veere Di Wedding offers a nuanced take on female friendships, according to Aishwarya Iyer, environmental reporter at The Quint. “I think the best part about Veere Di Wedding is that it shows how friendship is not about being good (to each other) all the time”, says Iyer. Yes, how true is that!

Just like men, women too should be allowed to fight a bit in their friendships, without being called catty or their friendships dismissed with the trope that “women are each other’s worst enemies”. Because that’s what real friendship is all about. 

Talking about legit friendships, here’s what else is legit. The troubles women go through, being enacted by top commercial actors!

Relatable AF

Mums trying to set you up with random dudes? Check.
Crying over the hazy memories of an ex during a drinking session? Check.
Fretting over future in-laws and their bazillion expectations? Duh... Check! Check! Check!

Seriously, you won’t be able to count the number of instances where you’ll go, “Dude, that’s so me!”

Funniest Scene

“When Kareena Kapoor is given that hideous gown to wear... that has happened to me alright. My mother made me wear hideous things as a kid,” says Divyani Rattanpal, anchor and special features correspondent at The Quint, adding, “I have warned her not to buy clothes for my wedding!”

While Sohini Guharoy, adds,

The part where Rishabh (Sumeet Vyas) says that his Punjabi dad would not shy away from feeding guests Italian food... even if that means he himself has to eat Jail food... that’s so Delhi! 
Sohini Guharoy, Social Media Editor

But films are made not out of scenes entirely, they are also about relatable characters.

Most Relatable Character

For me, it would be Neena Gupta, who plays Sonam Kapoor’s mother in the movie. She reminds me of my mother in every scene who is always egging me to get married. 
Vatsala Singh, Senior Producer at The Quint

“Hands down, it was Shikha Talsania, dude,” says Iyer. “I love how the new mom says, ‘Tonight we will drink like dogs’, and then literally does just that”. “That takes guts”, she adds, while letting out a huge laugh.

So, there you have it, here’s a thank you to the Veere Di Wedding team, for gifting us the first mainstream masala coming-of-age film for desi women, that doesn’t shy away from discussing anything, whether it is orgasms, sex, or (heaven forbid) even motherhood troubles!

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