Download the Raavan or Paavan App and Test Your ‘Tharak Quotient’

Download the Raavan or Paavan App and Test Your ‘Tharak Quotient’


Welcome to Quint Neon’s Paap-Tol Shopping Network. On this special festive occasion of Dussehra, we present to you our latest invention called ‘Ravaan ya Paavan App’ for men, an effortless app that helps find the Raavan in you in just a few minutes. Watch the video for more details.


Why Should You Download This App?

If you enjoy the sexist humour in films like Kabir Singh and the Housefull franchise or if you don’t really understand the meaning of consent and are of the opinion ki ladki haan kare ya na, woh hai teri Kiran, then you should download this app this very minute.

How Does This App Work?

When the RAM (Responsibly Acting Man) in you disappears, your mind automatically blocks consent and activates TSH (Tharak Stimulating Hormones). These hormones make you believe that every woman is your personal property and you have the right to misbehave with her. In scenarios like this, Raavan ya Paavan app alerts you and continues to shock your body till you get back to your senses. The shock waves are guaranteed to remove the tharak and the Raavan in you.

Be a RAM (Responsibly Acting Man). 
Be a RAM (Responsibly Acting Man). 
(Photo: The Quint)

Here’s What Our Loyal Customers Have to Say About the App

Men and women all over the country have been using the app and are extremely satisfied with the results.

“My friends used to crack lame sexist jokes all the time and then they discovered this app that changed our lives. Now they send me inspirational good morning messages, which is also a problem, but I’m not complaining.”
Some girl somewhere hoping that Zuckerberg will remove the ‘others’ folder from Facebook some day.
This app works like magic. Earlier my boss used to leave no opportunity to offer me a “drive” back home and now the only thing he offers is Vaishno Devi ka prasad.
Some girl somewhere tired of her boss’ sexist comments at work

Yes, this is an imaginary app and yes we’d want someone to design something like this very soon. So, whoever wants to steal this idea and create a revolutionary app that detects and rectifies the evil in you, please feel free to do so.

Talent: Abhilash Thapliyal, Abhinav Nagar, Badsha Ray, Nicole Newby and Ankita Sinha
Script: Abhinav Nagar
Camera: Sanjoy Deb
Camera Assistant: Gautam Sharma
Editor: Ashish Maccune
Producer: Divya Talwar

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